Friday, December 27, 2013

Litterary Friday

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I am participating with Ricki Jill's from Art @ Home , weekly party  Literary Friday. You should go over to her blog and check out all of the other book reviews.

Milk Maid In Heaven: A Novella

This week's review will be another book by Samantha Jillian Bayarr Milk Maid in Heaven.  I typically enjoy her books.  They are all very sweet books and easy reads less than 200 pages, this one however I had a hard time getting into it.  I think I picked it up several times and put it down, so often I had to start all over to read it. I am not sure what was about the beginning of this book but I had a hard time getting into it.  I would have to say, it is my least favorite books she has written.  My favorite still is the Little Wildflower series and I am still waiting for her to finish books four and five.  

This book begins with one of the main characters Mitch Rutherford struggling with his new found faith as he works in a prison work-release program at a dairy farm.  He has a great friendship with the dairy farmer Ethan Stuart and is close to be released from prison.  Ethan has taken a liking to Mitch and wants Mitch to come live on his farm and be the person in charge next to his daughter Emily once he is released and she is out of school.  Ethan is very sick and is dieing, it is because of this illness he leans more on Mitch.  Emily comes home for the holiday with her best friend only to find her father's health is declining. She made the choice to not go back to school to finish, she is just weeks a way from graduating.  Emily is not to keen on the idea of her father feeling so closed to a work release prisoner. She fears Mitch is trying to take advantage of her father. She also worries about her father because he has not accepted Jesus Christ as his savior and she fears for him.  Emily and Mitch develop feelings for one another and try with all their might not to give into them.  If Mitch kisses or reaches out to Emily in any way other than work he may risk being released from prison. The author does a great job describing the childhood of both Mitch (of course a troubled one) and Emily ( a loving and Christian one) both characters were torn from their Moms early in life.  Mitch's Mom left his Dad and Mitch chose to stay with his Dad and Emily's Mom passed away.  Ethan does not want Emily to give up graduating to take care of him or the farm.  He tries his best to encourage her to finish.  Mitch is torn about staying on the farm after he is released, it is not his farm and he was not sure how the other work release prisoners will react to him once he is released.

Mitch tries hard to allow his feelings for Emily to grow and he feels like he is betraying his friend Ethan by falling for his daughter.  Emily wants to make sure her father is not being taken advantage of and ends up falling for Mitch herself.  The story is about this young couple who share faith in God and find a path which leads down the same road.  You will have to read the book to find out if Emily finishes school as well as if Mitch decides to stay on the diary farm to help Emily run the business.  Also will the two give into their feelings and become one couple. 


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  1. This sounds like a good book, but maybe the plot has a slow start???

    Thanks for linking-up, Sweetie. We just got home from a long weekend in New Orleans (we left Thursday and just returned this evening).

    Happy New Year!



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