Saturday, December 28, 2013

Saturday Ramblings


 It is definitely Winter here in Iowa.  We had a snow storm over the past weekend, which kept me from going to my side of the family for an early Christmas. Today I am on the road to Des Moines to spend our postponed Christmas.

We had an Arctic front come through after our snow storm.  Brrr Baby It's Cold Out was NOT only a song title.  Monday, December 23, while I was driving home from work it was -19 out and with the wind the temperature was -23.  My knees are feeling it and I am definitely moving slower.  This coming week I will be back to working out regularly and the hot tub will do wonders for my joints especially my old knees.  Back to Monday.  As I was driving home that night and complaining out loud to myself about the cold I noticed the beauty this deep freeze had given.  I have only seen it one other time.  There was a rainbow around the sun. This is called a Sun Dog.
I wished I had my camera on me at the time, however this is exactly how it looked.  I called my Mom and told her to step out and see if she can see it too.  I was not sure if she would be able because our temperatures can be different with only 2 hours difference.   A Sun Dog (or Sundog) is the halo rainbow effect around the sun.  It is from the ice crystals in the air from our deep freeze.  Shortly after I exited the Interstate and as I was driving up a rather large hill my tire blew.  Yes, while it was -23 outside.  I had no choice but to keep driving until I was on more level ground.  I knew it would be a risk to try to change a tire on a steep hill.  Needless to say, my toes were freezing by the time I came home and was back to complaining out loud about how cold it was outside.


I had a great birthday.  I had to work but that was fine.  I never ask for my birthday off, this way others are able to spend time traveling to be with their family for the holidays, however while at work I made the decision in three years I will be 50 and on that birthday I will ask to have the day off.  I shared this with Todd and he thought it would be great to get away maybe for a cruise or somewhere warm.  I love that idea.   All the boys told me Happy Birthday and I feel so blessed.  Todd took me out to dinner and a movie.  It was great going out on a date with him.  He surprised me with a gift.  I was not expecting anything because he gave me my personal trainer for my birthday, well three sessions, not the man.  I presented me with a beautiful heart necklace.  I will have to take a picture of it later.  My favorite thing was the card...
For My Wife
I love the way
you can read me
before I even
say anything,
the way you do
so many
nice things for me
just because
that's how you are,
the way you live life
with all your heart...
I can't imagine life
without you as my best friend
because you're everything
that's beautiful to me.

I love you
Happy Birthday.

Then he added his own message about how he loves more and more each day and how blessed to have me in his life.  Well Todd, that is how I feel about you.




  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET JOLENE!!! May God bless your new year of life and 2014! Best wishes my friend.

  2. How sweet! Glad you had a good birthday. Hope your postponed Christmas was fun. And I hope my Christmas card made it to you.

  3. Hi Jolene! Happy Birthday, what a sweet message from your husband. Sorry to hear about your car problem - gosh I thought Indiana had it bad with snow. It's been mild here lately and we were able to travel on Christmas so that was good. What a beautiful Sun Dog picture - thanks for the history of that. Hope you are having a great day!!


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