Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sexual Harassment??? Seriously??


On my way to work, I heard a news story which just basically shocked me.  Seriously, it disgusted me.  A little boy who is only six years old was suspended from school for kissing a little girl on the cheek.  This was not even the worst of it.   He was suspended for sexual harassment.  Yes, that is right!  Seriously when did a six year old kissing another little person become sexual harassment?  What is wrong with things???

When I was six years old in First grade a little boy would chase me on the playground singing,

 "Hey Good Looking!
Whatcha' got cooking?
How about cooking something up for me?"

Once he would catch me he would kiss my hand.  Seriously, this was not any type of sexual harassment then nor is it now, but I am sure he would get into trouble now.  It was embarrassing or annoying sometimes but harassment NO.  What are we teaching our children?

Now I do have another story, same grade, which is bordering problems.  Seriously every time I think if it I have to laugh just like my father did several years ago.  It was Reading time and my reading group was at the table.  We sat in a circular table, sort of like a picnic table.  Any way the little boy to my right, Roger Hand, said, "Psst, Psst.  Jolene, look under the table." In a soft whisper.  I naturally did.  He had unzipped his pants and had his little penis sticking out.  Once he saw my frightful face he laughed until...
I threw up on him.  It upset me so much I threw up on the poor kid.  I had to go to the nurse's office and she kept asking where I hurt.  I stumped her because I was not running a fever nor said anything hurt.  I then told her what happened.  She looked flabbergasted.  My parents had to come to school as well as his parents.  My father busted up laughing in the room.  His poor parents looked like a deer in the headlights.  I do not remember what type of punishment Roger received.  I just know, I never sat by him again at Reading time.  I have often wondered if poor Roger needed counseling after that.  To think what type of damage I may have caused the poor boy and self confidence ruined.  (HA HA HA)

Back to the story I heard today.   Even if the kid had a problem of going up to the girls and kissing them on the cheek, this is not sexual harassment.  He may be annoying and a pest but why make every little thing a court case.


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