Thursday, December 19, 2013

Throwback Thursday #3

This throwback takes us to Christmas 1998, the year before Noah was born.

A better Mall Santa and most of the children are happy here.  I love how happy the boys were.  I can just reach out and squeeze each of them.  Matthew on the far right, Joshua on Santa's left knee next to Matthew, and little Ethan in one of my favorite outfits he had.  I just loved him in that Elmo outfit.

This picture is ultimately one of my favorites from Christmas past.  I love how involved Santa is with Ethan.  Ethan is sharing what he wants Santa to bring him.  I love this touching moment and of course my little ham Joshua working the camera at this moment. 

I miss my little boys. They grew up too fast.  Christmas has not been the same since they grew up.  I cherish pictures I have of these past moments.  This year, Taj will bring back some of that thrill. 

I think after the first of the year I am going to make this a little linky party.  The first Thursday in the new year, I will have a link up for others to share Throwback Thursdays as well and we all can hop over to the other post.


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  1. Well, when they hit 21 apparently they regress a little because Shanley wanted to bring back the family fun jar!!!

    Such sweet photos, Jolene.


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