Friday, January 3, 2014

2013 Goals ~ How Did I Do???

Here is 2013 Goals with updated feed back in purple.

Make Over      None of these were completed.  Close on some but not complete.  The boys changed their mind and did not want to paint their rooms.  To be honest, I think they did not want to do the work with purging and cleaning their rooms.

  • Complete Kitchen except for the new counter tops.  It will be long while before this is done.
  • Complete the Main Living Room
  • Complete the Small Living Room
  • Complete the Main Bathroom
  • Ethan's Bedroom 
  • Noah's Bedroom 
Finances   Not bad, 3 of the 5 completed.  I am not sure why the auto insurance did not happen, however we both agree not to join the banking accounts exactly yet. 

Well it is taking longer than I had hoped but this is the year I will have everything caught up.  It looks like within the first 3 months too.
  • Credit Card A paid off
  • Credit Card B paid off
  • Hospital Bill
  • Combine Auto Insurance
  • Combine Banking Accounts
Me   I only dropped one 1/2 sizes.  I did not make the 2 clothing sizes.  If I would have given 100%  I know I would have done better. 

I need to keep working on being a healthier me.  I dropped only one size last year and actually did not try that hard. This year I am going to try every month.  

  • Goal is to drop 2 clothing sizes.
Books  I met my goal plus last year. 

Last year my goal was to only read 3 books.  Sadly, I did not even met this goal.  My goal is to read at least 1 book per month. With my new Nook, I will be able to do this. I have already finished 7 books so far and the month is not even over.  The books are small only up to 85 pages.  I found a first in a series for only 99 cents and now I want to finish the entire series.

Outdoors   Only one of the four were met.  I took a new position with a major pay cut.  This pay cut affected many of my 2013 Goals, includeing extras for the garden and yard.

  • Make new bird feeders
  • Make my new flower garden
  • Make my new bird bath
  • Keep up with the veggies by canning and freezing.

With reviewing my goals from last year.  I fell short.

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