Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dad Rambling

Last week was an awful one regarding my father.  I saw him last Sunday and he was worse.  He even has tremors now.  Monday when I got home from work (I forgot my phone, I cannot do that again!) there was a message from my Mom, my Dad fell down the stairs Sunday night.  His bedroom is in the basement.  He was laying there for nearly 15 minutes moaning in pain by the time my aunt was able to make it down the stairs. An uncle and she helped him to bed.  About 3-4 hours later he got  up and fell down again when he wanted to use the restroom.  Due to this, Monday he moved from my Grandma's to my sister's house.  This is a better place for him.  Her house is handicapped accessible for Miranda, so he can use his walker and not get tripped up on anything.  He had his medicine all messed up and my sister has everything straightened out. He is taking his medicine properly now.  Tuesday, my Grandma called.  This is so tough on her.  She cried and cried she wanted him back.  She does not want her son to die. She did not want him to leave because she fears she will never see him again.  I tried to explain but I do not think she understood.  My Mom had to go to her house on Friday to pick up some things my Dad wanted and she snapped at my Mom not to take it because he was coming back.  My Mom just told her she is sorry, she is just doing what is asked of her and then my aunt snapped at her telling her he is never coming back.  She cried.

My Grandma had me worried. She told me my Dad is doing so poorly he was not going to live to Saturday, when I planned on coming up.  I have been calling my sister often because when it comes time for his last days, I plan to be in Des Moines so I can be there to say good-bye.  My Mom told me Saturday, he looks so much better.  He even asked for McDonald's food and Mt Dew.  Wow!  My sister's husband went to the store to get what he asked for. He does this often.  He is very good to my Dad.  I wished he was like this with Miranda.  He will sleep out on the couch to make sure he is there for my Dad in the middle of the night.  I think my Dad is loving the interaction and being babied. 

I was supposed to go to Des Moines yesterday but we had a snow storm coming, so I changed my plans to go today instead.  I am glad I did change them. Todd had to work.  If I left when I originally planned would have missed this mess by one hour. 

Photo: UPDATE 10:41 AM: Iowa DOT reports that the right lane of eastbound I-80 has been re-opened.

Original post: Plenty of accidents around the area this morning... I-80 eastbound in Iowa City at the Highway 1 exit remains blocked due to an accident. This is from a DOT camera shortly before 10:30 a.m. -JG

A 30 car pile up on the interstate I take.  He said there were major accidents all over, and this mess (picture above) ambulances from another county had to assist as well.  Today is supposed to be in the upper 30's and no snow.   I am off to get ready to go for my visit.  Thank you to all who have been praying and sending support my way.  I am very blessed to have such wonderful followers and bloggie friends. Ciao!



  1. Glad you missed the pileup. Hope you have a safe trip. Praying for your dad.

  2. *hugs* That sounds like a very stressful, unhappy time. It's great that there's so much family around during this time, and I hope you're able to visit with your dad soon, and that your grandma can make peace with it.

  3. Not good travel weather….so happy you made the right choice travel-wise!

    Still praying for you and your family. I know it's so difficult!


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