Saturday, January 11, 2014

HE Is Always There! ~ Saturday Rambling


I did not post my Literary Friday post. I am sorry Ricki Jill.  Friday was just not a good day.  Actually it was a horrible week at work.  Life was stressed to the max for sure!   A week ago I took Friday off, originally to spend time with my Dad but I ended up with the flu on New Year's and was still not feeling the best and did not want to bring it to my Dad or my niece who had surgery last Tuesday.  She had this magnet implanted which has wires that will go to the brain and during a seizure you place another magnet on the implanted part and will end the seizure.  We will know in two weeks how well it works.  Any way, I left my cases in great shape.  I was totally caught up. Monday when I came back, I was so far behind because I did not have anyone help me on my team except the performance guarantee.  Yes, we can get buried by missing just one day. Crazy huh? We are short in the Call Center so we have to be back ups to them as well and it was a very busy week on the phone. I was so buried and stressed and cranky all week at work.  At times I do not know what is worse, get into trouble for not doing what is needed for my cases, get into trouble by not being available to answer the phones to assist with their performance guarantee, get into trouble by staying past work time when overtime is not approved to finish what is my performance guarantee. Right now we are in a no win situation at work and I HATE it!!!  

The other thing is my Dad.  He is ... well you all know.  It is not a good thing.  However, I have a sister who I already knew was well, she thinks the world should revolve around her and everything is good when she is first.  She is very controlling and I cannot believe how selfish she is as well.  During his illness I am seeing her grow even more controlling and more selfish.  She complains she is the one doing it all by taking him to appointments but when Mom says she will do it, she does not want the help.  When I speak up about getting authorization for health to help deal with insurance, she speaks circles yet she tells me she tells our Dad she does not know anything about insurance.  HELLO, remember me the sister who has been working with insurance and benefits for over 20 years now?  That is why the authorization is needed. It is not to control but to help with insurance which is required due to HIPAA laws.  Then there are some financial and funeral stuff crap too.

I have to admit, afraid to tell my husband and thankfully he does not read my blog, I was so stressed when it came to my lunch time on Wednesday, I bought a box of raspberry zingers.  In three hours I ate eight of them.  There is only twelve in the box.  Yeah!  I did not even want to look at how many carbs I ate or calories.  Seriously!  I have never been a stress eater but boy I did this week and the Pepsi too!

After talking to Dad last night, I thought how am I going to get out of this?  I cannot keep being stressed like this.  He is in so much pain he is crabby on the phone, not at me but oh my!  I understand why and I will not stop calling him because of it our time is getting shorter.  I prayed. I prayed to God to help me.  I need HIM.  Then I logged onto the Internet thinking I was going to type my post for Literary Friday.  I had no energy to type anything, to think.  All I wanted to do was mindless things, like pinning things to Pinterest, which I did.  I am planning to have a tea party with my nieces in the next month or two.  I cannot wait and want to do something fun with the family.  Something my sister does not control.  Any way, I opened my email and noticed I won a contest I entered.  This is the first time I have won a blog give away.  As soon as I get it I plan to post about it.  I am so excited about it.  Then I opened my email prior to writing this post and I won another blogger give away.  WOW!  These women use some sort of raffle so it is all luck, or maybe it was God's little gifts too just to cheer me up as well.  Maybe it is HIS way to help me change my out look some. I do believe HE sends little gifts when we need it.  Thank you Charlene and Connie!  The two of you do not know how you were HIS angels here on earth right now for me.  Thank you for your contest.  The announcement for your give away was perfect for me.  Now I am off to work on laundry and work on my pantry reorganization.  I hope you all have a good weekend.


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