Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tackle It Tuesday ~ Pixar Paintings

This week's Tackle is a painting series I made for Taj.  Originally I had planned on completing it for a Christmas gift, but too many things were going on I only finished the back ground for Buzz Lightyear and Woody.  My little grandson is a big Pixar fan.  The Ben Franklin (sadly and the only one) was closing near our home. I picked up four 6x6 canvas at a great deal and told my husband I had something special planned for them for Taj.

I decided I would paint the background on the canvas and print out pictures of the Pixar characters I wanted and I would Modge Podge them onto the canvas.  Now, I had to choose which characters...Buzz and Woody a definite must, same with Lightning McQueen, and Mike Wazowski (I love listening to Taj say his name.  he he he) with Sully.  The fourth one I thought a little while and then thought it had to be Nemo.

Tada!  My Pixar Series for Taj.
Taj loves them.  I wanted to keep the backgrounds simple because I wanted the actually character to be the main attractions.

 Buzz and Woody
I wanted to have a background which represented both characters, so I though how about the sky?
I wanted a sky night with whimsical stars and then the clouds in the sky.
 Finding Nemo
Actually this is Marlin(Nemo's Dad) and Dory
Naturally it had to be under the water.  Oh, I had to restrain myself with this one.
I was so tempted to add beautiful coral but again, I wanted simplicity.
Lightning McQueen
Alright, this one I did a little more detailed.  I wanted to represent the racing portion but thought a
checkered flag would be too much, so I chose to add a yellow border for the top and bottom.
(It is actually my favorite one.)
 Sully and Mike Wazoskie
This one baffled me the longest, so I went with Boo's door.  
I think it is the plainest one and my least favorite background.

Taj loved them and Kera was happy with the way they turned out too.  Now I cannot wait to see them on his bedroom wall.  I loved his smile when he saw each painting.

I also had time to work on another painting on Saturday.  I am so thrilled with this one.  Here is a sneak peak of it.  It will be featured on my Wednesday post.


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  1. These are SO CUTE!!

    I did redo our cabinets. Thanks for the inspiration!! :)


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