Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tackle It Tuesday~Pantry Style

It has been a very long time since I participated in Tackle It Tuesday.  I think I may have tackled this same project one other time too and posted it.

This is my pantry.  I love it because of the size!  However, I became lazy and just piled and piled and piled food in it.  One night Todd went to make Sloppy Joes.  It has been a very long time since we had Sloppy Joes for dinner.  He grabbed the can in the pantry and realized it was expired...by TWO years.  I knew I had to clean it out at that point.  It took me two weeks to clean it out because of how much food I had to throw out.  We can only have one garbage can unless we pay for tags for each bag after and I really was not thrilled to buy tags for spoiled food.  *Head hanging in shame*  I threw out five tall kitchen bags of food from my pantry and my one cupboard I keep food in as well.  Yes, FIVE.  Some of my cans and boxes expired in 2010.   After cleaning them out, I decided to move all of the food in the kitchen into the pantry only.  Now my cupboard looks like this...
However, I have plans for it later.

Here is my pantry now.  I was too embarrassed to take the before picture.
 The very top keeps my vases, coffee pot, and bread slicer
Second row:  Home of the extra set of knives for now, cereal (hot and cold), pop tarts, anything sweet snacks (out of reach from Taj), Pringles, and all my canisters (beans, flour, sugar, and pancake mix.)
 Third shelf has a small shelf in the back.  It houses all  store bought canned goods 
and extra peanut butter and dressings. 
 It also has a small basket where I put packets of seasoning, such as taco season, 
crock pot seasoning, and stir fry seasoning if I use them.
Below it on the main shelf is any boxed food we have and extra condiments, hot chocolate, a canister of different tea bags, a basket for snacks like flavored crackers and beef jerky, next to it to the wall is several jars of my canned tomato goods.  Once this section is low, I refill from my other closet full of canned goods from our garden.
 Hanging baskets below this shelf holds bagels, bread, and rice cakes.
Bottom shelf:  tub where we keep the chips, ramen noodles, juice bottles, place for Todd's and my lunch box, and to the far right, all my baking essentials to refill canisters.
 On the floor I keep my bread maker, punch bowl, ice cream maker all in the boxes they came in.

I know I could always buy more containers and place the food in to have it more organized, but the food in my pantry changes and I do not see a reason to purchase more containers.



  1. I love my pantry too, but it's not looking great lately...you know, all piled up too!
    Yours look neat and tidy now, my friend! Love the hanging baskets, you're inspiring me.

  2. I am so INSPIRED. We don't have a pantry anymore in our new house - just our cabinets. I miss our old pantry (tho, if you had asked me back then if I'd ever miss that unorganized mess, I would've laughed!)! I love those hanging shelves for the bagels/bread. Such a cool idea. I love what you did with all of it. I think I may need to do my cabinets this weekend. :)

    Also, I went through a box of canned goods we had brought over from the old house when we moved in (6 months ago, eek!). We were just going to our garage to grab 'em when we needed 'em. Anyway, I went through them, found a BAG full of expired things. I found a 2010 can, too! HAHA

    I"ll keep ya updated on our transformation, too!

  3. Doesn't it feel great?!?!? I tackled my pantry last week.


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