Thursday, January 30, 2014

Throwback Thursday #6

This little throwback takes us back to January 2010.  We had 13 inches of snow in less than eight hours.  Here is what 13 inches looks like.

I do not think any birds came near our bird bath.  That my friends is a lot of snow at one time.

Then, three days later we had an additional eight more inches making it a total of 21 inches on the ground. We had this snow for weeks and weeks because the cold front kept it from melting.

The night it snowed 13 inches was the first day I have ever called in work due to weather.  I walked out into the middle of our road to actually see the depth to determine if my car could make it through all the snow because our street was not plowed as of yet.  The snow was nearly up to the bottom of my knees.  No way was my car going to make it.  Poor Todd attempted to drive down it.  He was working third shift then and was trying to come home.  He called for me to send the boys down the street with shovels.  He was stuck.  He ended up driving to our Hy-Vee grocery store and parking his car and walking home in the snow.  *sigh*  I hope we never have that much snow all at one time again.

Today I think of the poor south who are not prepared for even a dusting of snow because typically they do not have snow.  Although they may find it fun to play in, I am sure they are seeing the dislikes with driving and getting around.  I am thinking of all my Southern friends today.  I hope you all rode the storm out and are safe and warm.  We are expecting another one Friday night and Saturday, of course when I am planning on heading to Des Moines.  UGH... I am so ready for Winter to be over with.



  1. WOW! That's awesome! You know I would be loving every inch of that!! And yeah, those folks in the south.. What a mess.. I'm just happy everyone is now home safe n' sound.

  2. OMG sweet friend! I guess you're indoors for a good while with sooo many inches of the White cold stuff! Sometimes I'd love to be there for a Little while, lol! Yes, I'm sure southerners are having a hard time as they're not usually accustomed to this!!! Thanks for coming sweetie and big hugs to you. Keep warm!


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