Saturday, February 15, 2014

February's Bulletin Board

Where I work, each team has a bulletin board they are responsible to decorate.  I wish I had been taking pictures of each one our team (okay, me and another co-worker) has decorated.  There are several other departments who look forward to our boards because we do such a good job.  It makes our work even more worth while.  My team's name is Goal Getters.  Our first board was in July shortly after it was hung on the wall.  We created a soccer filed with a goal post, you know...Goal Getters.  ;)  The next time we decorated it was for Halloween.  Next we did a winter theme and went with a snow hill and a 3-D snowman made out of tissue paper and sleds with each of our names on the sleds.  Which leads us to this month's bulletin board.
I think this one is my favorite yet.  We also had a company contest this time.  Originally we were going to have the conversation hearts as the boarder but the other co-worker was out and our team started to get antsy so I began it without her.  I thought the tulle was a new romantic touch.  I also enjoy the ruffles I made on the hearts in the corner.
 I also recruited more help this time.  I showed one of them how to create the ruffles and had her finish making them.  This way more could participate and I could meet my actual work deadline.  I think it turned out nice.  We ended up 2nd place.  First place added lights to their board.

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  1. The board is so cute, Jolene. I think you should have won!
    Love the ruffles.


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