Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday Confessional

It is Friday and you all know what that means?  Yep you guessed it, time to fess up.  Come join the fun over at Aubrey's High-Heeled Love.  She host this little party every Friday.

 I confess...

All of my post this week have two themes.

I confess...

They are all about LOVE.  I managed to throw love into my weekly post Wednesday Woo Hoo, Throwback Thursday, and Literary Friday.  If you have not read them yet, go and take a look.

I confess...

The second theme is THE BEATLES. To celebrate 50 years ago their appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show (The Beatles Invasion in the U.S) I have been posting a bonus song all week by The Beatles (except Monday, it is a Wings song sung by two other artist because I have posted it prior sung by Paul).  There has been The Beatles invasion on With A Little Help From My Friends this week. Not only are the songs from The Beatles but they all have to do with LOVE.  {Aren't I cleaver?}

I confess...

Here is another bonus song...Enjoy!

What do you have to confess?



  1. I must confess that I haven't made my bed while my husband is out of town. heehee It just dawned on me the title of your blog has connections with the Beatles. I love Valentines Day/week. It's such a fun time of pink, red and love. Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. I have a lot to confess….I probably should write a post!
    You need to post a little bit of Wings next time……



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