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Literary Friday

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I am participating with Ricki Jill's from Art @ Home , weekly party  Literary Friday. You should go over to her blog and check out all of the other book reviews.

The Wedding Dress 

I have saved this review for today.  I loved this story and thought it would be so appropriate to review on Valentine's Day.  Today's review is about The Wedding Dress by Rachel Hauck.

This book takes place in Birmingham, Alabama (A special place to me because I have a couple of friends living in this area.)  It begins during modern time where Charlotte a bridal boutique owner has taken some time to clear her head and figure out if she should marry Tim.  Again, Charlotte is a bridal boutique owner who is known for assisting brides find the perfect unique dress for her special day but she could not even find the desire to begin to look for her own bridal gown and her wedding was only three months away.  She found herself at an estate sale and purchased an old trunk.  The trunk was welded closed.  Eventually Charlotte with assistance from Tim, opened the trunk and inside it she found a beautiful vintage wedding dress.  The dress was in excellent shape and shimmered like gold when the light would hit it.  The dress spoke to her and had such mystery she had to find out more.  At first all she found was the dress, she searched and searched the trunk only to find dog tags in a little sachet bag.  The name on the tags was at least a starting point for her investigation about the dress.  

This book also tells another tale which took place in 1912 where Emily was preparing to be a bride.  She wanted to have a dress made special for her wedding day.  She was having two dresses made, one from a well known white dressmaker and another from an unknown dressmaker who could make magic of her own.  Emily found the woman who was unknown knew exactly what she wanted and was making the dress of her dreams.  This was the dress she wanted but her mother refused and demanded Emily to stop the non-sense and wear the other woman's dress.  Emily did not care she wanted this dress but the problem was if Emily wore the magical dress or went to the dressmaker's house for fittings, she would breaking the law because the dressmaker was black and during this time in history segregation laws existed.  I loved how Emily did not care about the laws and saw people as equals.

As Charlotte searches for the history of the dress, the dress itself becomes the story, one of mystery and beauty.  The dress, Charlotte finds is 100 years old and has never been tailored to fit the bride who wore it. It magically fits each bride perfectly as if it was made for each bride.  The dress had three brides prior to Charlotte finding it. First it belonged to Emily in 1912, then Mary who wore it in 1939, and then Hillary in 1969.  Each bride's story held happiness and sadness.  Each had a destiny and which ties with one another.  Charlotte is committed to find the perfect bride for this beautiful dress.  Oh, one thing I have not shared besides the mystery of the dress, Charlotte comes across a very mysterious man dressed strangely in purple two different times during this story. He is very mysterious and different something I just wanted to share to intrigue you more.

I enjoyed this story, it felt like I was reading four real love stories and I loved how Charlotte who was all alone with no family knowing nothing about her past found her heritage.


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  1. I have heard of this book, and of course the setting interests me! I also think they were making a TV movie based on it, too. I think I'd like to read this, Jolene. Thanks for the well-written review and for linking up to Literary Friday!



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