Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday Rambling.

2014 is not turning out very good so far.  I began January sick with the flu.  It lasted for nearly a week.  I seriously thought that the second week in January I was going to lose my Dad.  Okay, so January turned out to be great for him.  After falling down the stairs, he went to live with my sister, Katie.  Living with her has done wonders for him.  He has more interaction with people.  He gets to see his precious Miranda daily.  He still gets confused, but my sister has his medicines all under control and he is now walking without a cane once again.  End of January, sick once again.  The drastic change in temperatures has messed with my sinus and now I have ear infection in both ears and my right ear has inner ear infection as well.  I am fighting bronchitis and just want to sleep but cannot from all the coughing.  Just about everyone on my team at work is sick.  I cannot take the time off to properly take care of myself or my cases will fall out of compliance. 

The weather has been horrible for all of us.  We have another storm coming.  It is supposed to start tomorrow during the day.  How much?  Your guess is as good as mine.  One weatherman stated it will only be a trace, another 3-5 inches, the next 6-10 inches, and the last one (and I pray he is wrong) 18-24 inches. How can there be such a drastic difference between stations?  Seriously?  Due to being sick, I have not grocery shopped over the weekend.  I was in bed most of it.  I stopped after work and what a mess it was.

I skipped my Sunday's Song and will post my monthly goals tomorrow.  I am off now to bed.  We will see what tomorrow will bring, either a trace or two feet.  Maybe I will check my magic 8 ball to see what it says. 


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