Sunday, February 16, 2014

My Valentine's Day

My Valentine's Day was a good one.  It started off a little scary driving to work.  I slid through an intersection nearly hitting a street light.  Thankfully the curb stopped my car.  While at work I had a special delivery. Todd sent me a dozen roses with a small box of chocolates and a card.  I look forward to his cards every year.  He finds a poem and sends it to me. 

 The flowers are from ProFlowers.  They usually do a great job.  The vase is from the very first Valentine's flower he sent to me when I lived in Des Moines.  I love this vase for so many reason.  I typically put my flowers in it every year and the new vase goes into the pantry.
We had dinner reservations at The Brown Bottle.  It is located in downtown Iowa City.   They have great Italian food and has a romantic setting. This is where Todd took me for my birthday when he proposed to me.  
 After dinner we went shopping for our favorite grandson.  He had spent the day with Todd and I was going to have him the next day.  We wanted to find snow pants for the little guy to take him out to play in the snow.  What a great time to purchase snow pants if you can find them.  We were so lucky to find one and they were on clearance with an additional 40% off the clearance price making them around $6.  They should fit him next year too.  While we were there we picked up 7 pairs of pajamas for him next year too.  We both looked at one another and made a comment how we had to leave this department NOW or Taj would have several new outfits too.  They had so much fun playing in the snow.  Look for my post tomorrow about it. 



  1. You had a great Valentine's Day, my friend. Trip and I both got food poisoning….I'm just now feeling human again! :/

  2. Wonderful Valentine's my friend! Looks like a great place you went to celebrate. Lovely bouquet of roses too. I'm sure you're having fun with your cutie now, lol! Have a great week ahead dear Jolene.


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