Monday, February 17, 2014

Snow Snow Snow...

Well what a Monday today was/is. We knew a storm was coming.  It was supposed to start freezing rain Monday early morning around 2 am and then turn into heavy snow fall during the morning rush hour.  Todd had to go into work early at 4:30am.  I knew I had to leave early because of the weather.  Sunday night we got a call from the school district, school was going to be 2 hours late.  I had no idea how Ethan was going to make it to school.  He and his girlfriend split or are taking some time off or whatever it is now, so I have been taking him to school.  It is close to a 30 minute walk on a good day.  I did not want him walking during a snow storm.  I guess that worry was for nothing because at 6 am we received another call school; it was cancelled for the day.  This will be the fifth day they will have to make up this year. 

While I was getting ready, I could hear the ice pellets hitting my bedroom window.  I debated and debated if I should call in.  I tuned to the local station to see how the roads were.  The Interstate I take was 100% ice covered.  Todd called me and wanted to know if I got the call from the school and tell me to take the roads in town.  He knew Iowa City roads were cleared but was not sure how Coralville was.  I did as he said and there were not very many cars on the road.  Thank goodness.  I was only scared once, when I was slowing down on a bridge over water because the lights had turned red.  I slid right on over the bridge and by the time I reached the end of the bridge, thank goodness the lights turned green.  I made it to work fine.  While I was there we received four inches of very heavy snow and our snow removal company, plowed all of our cars in where we had to get a shovel to dig our cars out.  Not a great day.  The drive home was wonderful.  The sun was out and the winds did not pick up as they predicted. 

On a fun side of snow.  Saturday I had Taj for the day and once Todd was home and Taj's nap was over, he went out to play for the first time in deep snow.  Todd and I put his snow pants on him and bundled him up minus the new hat we bought, he was determined to wear his ball cap.  Papa found the snow inter-tube sled and used some rope to pull little Taj around the yard.  I was rather surprised how deep the snow was, it was nearly to my knees (now think of 4 inches more how deep it may be.)

They were having a great time until...

 He fell out.  Then he was done because his hands were cold.
 He wanted picked up only Papa just picked him up and placed him on his feet.

 The two shared some laughs...
 ...but then Papa made him walk. 
 He fell through the snow and did not like how deep it was.  He is standing here.
Nana wanted to see if he would like to make a snow angel, so Papa made one.   Taj was so concerned that his Papa fell until he got up and we talked about the snow angel.
 Finally Nana coaxed him enough he actually did it.  He smiled and then tried to run to Papa.

Once he reached him he asked if Nana could take him inside but I was able to get a picture of the two snow buddies.
I think we are the luckiest Nana and Papa to have such a lovey little grandson.



  1. Isn't this the craziest winter? We're dealing with the same thing. I'm so glad I retired from the school so I don't have to hear about all the missed days and the istep testing. The drive to work sounded so scary. Glad you made it safely. What a fun time all had in the snow. Taj is a little snow angel.

  2. These photos of Taj are so cute. I'm with him....I'm over winter, snow, and cold!


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