Friday, February 7, 2014

Thank You GOD For The Miracle!

I am speechless.  I am dumb founded.  I am grateful to God because it is only by God this miracle happened.  Did you hear about the five day old baby stolen from her mother?  The baby and Mom is from Wisconsin.   The baby was found alive about twenty minutes from where I live.  We drive by the BP gas station every Sunday during the summer for Sand Volleyball.

Todd was listening to all the 9-1-1 Dispatching calls.  I am so thrilled the baby was found alive.  The aunt who stole the baby was picked up and stated she had nothing to do with it.  While she was in custody nearly 29 hours later the baby was found outside the BP in a plastic crate with blankets.  The temperature did not reach over 5 degrees and the wind chill was at times a negative 30.  The baby was found alive and well.  What a blessing.



  1. OMG! This truly is a huge miracle, big time!!! God is good and HE wanted the baby to live...what an amazing story and to think, so close to you!!! Thank you for sharing the story, I think the mother will just have to give thank to GOD all her life, hope she realices this!!!
    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Wow. That's amazing.. God is amazing.. So happy that lit'l one is safe n' sound. <3

    1. Yes, his 18 year old Mom will be reunited sometime today with the baby. To think being less than a week old out there for 29 hours, no food or human contact and freezing temperatures. He definitely had some angels protecting him.


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