Thursday, February 20, 2014

Throwback Thursday #8

My throwback takes us back to the only family vacation my ex-husband and I had with all four of our boys.  Summer of 200.  We went to Minneapolis/St. Paul for the weekend.  We began at the Science Museum in St Paul, Minnesota. This is just up my boys alley. They all have loved Science

And dinosaurs, although Matthew looked less thrilled that he was holding his baby brother instead of the baby dinosaur puppets.
Ethan (4 1/2 yo), Matthew (10 yo), Noah (18 mo), and Joshua (7 yo)

Here the boys are standing with their father in front of a triceratops skeleton.  They loved the dinosaur section.

Our second day of the trip we went to the Minnesota Zoo, where we took in a dolphin show because Ethan was absolutely nuts over dolphins.  He cried because he was so happy to see on in real life.  While Noah was taking a nap in his stroller we had this little picture taken.
I love how the photographer had the boys screaming and the caption is too funny. After the zoo we went to the Mall of America for dinner and the boys played at Lego World.  Another favorite activity of my boys and still is.  We went to Underworld Adventures at Mall of America and had sharks swim above us as we walked through the attraction. The boys were able to touch a sting ray at one part.
I miss how close the boys were then.  I know part of growing up is also moving on but I wish they all would remember how much family means and keep close forever.



  1. I love these photos of the boys. I want to do some special things with family photos, and I might take some supplies with me to the lake this summer because it's too hard to take my oil paints down there.


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