Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wednesday Woo Hoo~ Loving My New Haircut

I was tried of feeling so frumpy.  I have had so many things going on in my life and all at once, I was starting to feel down.  I looked in the mirror and decided one day, I have to do something about my image. The fastest way to change your look is your hair and my hair needed something.

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I had close to five inches cut off and I love it.  It has so many layers, my wave bounced up.  I had people ask me if I am curling it too or if I had a wave perm.  It also brought out my natural highlights. I had people ask me if I highlighted it too.  I loved going to work and hearing the people's comments.  One young girl kept saying over and over how different I look and how it transformed me.  Wow, I am going to take that as a good thing and not that I looked as bad as I felt.  *wink*
Jolene Evans's photo.
This is how the salon styled it.
Jolene Evans's photo.

Me styling it on my own.  It looked better today.
(I look so tired.)
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Woo Hoo, I started back to the gym to love myself even more. I love the fact I want to be healthy and that it is not for others.

What do you do to show yourself you love you?  You know you are worth it. Try something even if it is as simple as parting your hair on the other side.  


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  1. Your hair is so pretty and so thick! The layers are perfect. LOVE them! And your bangs really draw attention to your pretty eyes. Your hair isn't highlighted? Grrrrrrrrr.......I'm so jealous!!! I'm supposed to get mine done tomorrow, *but* with the stupid winter storm that has decided NOT to show-up, who knows what tomorrow will bring!

    You need to stay in the good graces of this stylist, my friend.


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