Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wednesday Woo Hoo ~ Old Art Work

My Mom completed the remodeling her basement. She started this when I left my ex in 2003.  The boys and I lived in half of her basement, no plaster just dry wall boards up on the frame work.  We had to go through the unfinished basement the laundry room to go up the stairs and through the garage to use the bathroom or kitchen.  We had one small basement window and we lived this way for one year.  Now, the room has plaster and she has painted the walls. She has her old kitchen cabinets for a work bench.  She decorated her walls with our old art work. She has two of my art work hanging and one from each of my sisters. She plans to have art work from each one of the grandchildren too.  I took my camera down with me last weekend to take a picture of it.  I wish my best pieces were not ruined from the fire or my Mom packing my things up for my sisters to have my bedroom when I went off to college but here are the two pieces she kept.
Night Owl

This is a picture I did during my Art class when I was in eighth grade, I would have been 14 years old.  It is a 11 x 17 drawing with colored pastels.   You know, I can remember coming home from school with the back side of my arms different shades of brown from working with the pastels.  I liked how my Mom chose to boarder it with the black mat.  This artwork took first in the district and went on to State.  I did not place at State.


This one is my Mom's favorite piece. I am very surprised it survived the fire. I do see a little water damage on one of the flower petals.  This piece I created when I was in tenth grade, I would have been 15 still since it was prior to the fire.  It is also an 11 x 17 in colored pencils, Indian Ink, and Fine Point Flair Pen.  My assignment was to have a black and white but a reflection through glass of some sort and inside this reflection or glass material we were supposed to have color. 

Inside my mirror I used colored pencils to color my drawing.  I then taped off the frame of the mirror and used Indian Ink in a small paint sprayer to create the mirror reflection. 

I wanted different effects in my drawing so I used stippling for the flowers, leaves, and stems.  I used this technique for a picture of a kitten's head and front paws when I was in ninth grade.  The kitten was black with white stripes in his fur. I think it is one of my favorite pieces I ever made but it was lost in our fire.  The center of the flowers I did not use the stippling technique.  I am not sure why I chose not to, if I could do it over, I would stipple the center as well.  The leaves and the center of the flowers I used Indian Ink with a pen, the type you have to dip into the Indian Ink jar.  The remainder parts of the flower I used a fine point black flair pen.

My stacked tea cups are drawn and colored with fine point black flair pen and the spout of my coffee pot I used a sketch shading the with fine point black flair pen.

I like the blue mat my Mom chose to go with this art work it compliments my reflection but the frame, I just love the frame.  I have never seen any of my art work displayed like this. It made me feel very special.  Definitely a Woo Hoo to my Mom.



  1. You truly have a gift! These are so much fun. I know you are enjoying them!

  2. You were quite the artist! Do you still draw, Jolene?


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