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Literary Friday

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I am participating with Ricki Jill's from Art @ Home , weekly party  Literary Friday. You should go over to her blog and check out all of the other book reviews. Okay, I am posting it on Sunday instead of Friday but I have so many books to write about I did not want to skip one week.

This week I am going to post about four books by Samantha Jillian Bayarr.  They are a series of books, or what I would call short stories.   The Quilter's Son: Liam's Choice, The Quilter's Son: Lydia's Heart, The Quilter's Son: Nathan's Apprentice, and The Quilter's Son: Maddie's Quilt.

 Liam's Choice (The Quilter's Son #1)

The Quilter's Son is a wonderful sweet series and quick read.  As many of Samantha Jillian Bayarr's books it is an Amish Community setting.  The story begins with Liam living in the "English" community for seven years.  Seven years prior after his father sudden death, he leaves his mother and twin sister, Lydia, to follow his dream.  He wanted to own his own construction company.  His father and he had kept a secret from his mother.  Liam was attending high school in the "English" community.  Prior to leaving the Amish Community, Liam asked his love, Lucy to come with him, but she could not leave her family or the community she grew up in.  Liam realizes seven years later how much he has lost and how much he wants to be with his family after he spots his mother and sister in town.  They bought a shop and intended to having a quilting shop.  His mother had hired his company to renovate the building.  

Little did Liam know his mother bought this shop to bring their family back together.  His mother and sister missed him and wanted him back in their lives.  Liam's lost love has a bakery next to his mother's soon to be quilt shop. After seeing everyone, Liam starts to think he made the wrong decision by leaving the Amish Community although he would have never had the opportunity to own his own construction company.  He wanted to mend everything between them but did not have the confidence that everyone would forgive him or the courage to make the first step.  While rebuilding the quilting shop the ceiling caved in on Liam, injuring him and making him forget the past seven years.  He thinks he and Lucy are still together and believes his father is still alive.  Lucy fears Liam will not want to be with her once he regains his memory.  You will have to read the book to find out.  This book leads into the next book...

Lydia's Heart (The Quilter's Son #2)  

During the first book in the series the author introduces Steve, he is Liam's best friend.  Steve has been friends with Liam since high school and was the only one who knew Liam used to be Amish.   Steve finds Liam's sister Lydia beautiful and is very interested in her.   Lydia was very surprised she found herself interested in Steve as well.  The second book in the series Lydia and Steve have made plans for their future together.  Until one day a lady from Social Services shows up with a boy, Nathan, who is Steve's son.  Lydia now has to make a decision will she continue with her plans to marry Steve or will the relationship end because she feels betrayed by Steve never sharing his past relationship.  Steve had no idea he was a father.  Will Nathan tear the two a part?  Lydia realizes that Nathan is alone and she and he have two things in common, they both lost a parent and both have a passion for quilting.  Will Lydia be able to mother a child she never gave birth to and carry through with her wedding plans?  This series could have ended here but Samantha Jillian Bayarr had plans for another book in the series.

Nathan's Apprentice (The Quilter's Son #3)  

Well, with this paragraph or review, I gave the ending away in book two.  Lydia and Steve have given Nathan much in life and let him continue his education in the "English" community.  Nathan has big plans for the quilt shop and wanted  to go to college, however he knew he could not if he was going to go through with his plans to marry Anna.  Nathan has an invitation to tour the university campus where he was accepted and Nathan plans to go to the tour with fellow high school students who were invited as well.  They will stay on campus during the time they are there and Nathan planned to attend several seminar regarding buisness while he is there besides the orientation classes.  He and Anna did not part well when he left and Nathan feels awful leaving in such a manner.  

While on the bus, Maddie who is the pretty cheerleader, sat next to Nathan.  Nathan was very surprised because Maddie has never even acted as if she knew he existed.  Now Maddie was confronting him about his Amish background and teasing him.  Maddie wanted Nathan to teach her how to make a butterfly quilt, which is a special quilt Anna and Nathan made together.  Nathan refused at first until Maddie blackmailed him into saying yes.  Nathan did not want everyone to know he was from the Amish Community.  During Nathan's stay at the university Maddie would never leave Nathan alone except for her cheerleader seminars.  Nathan began to see Maddie in a different perceptive, Maddie showed Nathan her vulnerable side.  Nathan followed through and assisted Maddie with her butterfly quilt but they did not complete it.  No matter how hard Maddie tried to have Nathan react to her flirts, Nathan was true to Anna by not cheating with Maddie, however he was keeping the fact he was accepted to go to the university from Anna.  He did not share everything with her.  He kept Maddie from her as well.

Once he came home it looked like everything was going to work out for Anna and Nathan until Maddie came into the quilt shop.  Maddie shared everything with Anna.  In the end Anna and Maddie became friends.  Once again, the series could have ended with this book, but...

Maddie's Quilt (The Quilter's Son #4)

Samantha Jillian Bayarr decides to add one more.  In this book Maddie comes to Anna, remember they became friends, not only friends but best of friends telling her she is pregnant.  Maddie's parents turned her away due to her being pregnant and not married. Anna refuses for Maddie to be alone and moves Maddie in with her and Nathan.  Maddie is still in love with Nathan but never acts on it due to her friendship with Anna.  This book is full of twist, one that is not normal for Samantha Jillian Bayarr.  Typically her books are so predictable but her twist was refreshing.  While Anna is helping Maddie, she realizes something...she is pregnant too but Nathan is not the father.  Nathan fights feelings he has developed for Maddie. Anna insist Nathan and she must find someone for Maddie and it is Nathan's cousin.  Only Anna has problems with this match up because she realizes she is in love with him and he is the father of her unborn child.  Will Anna and Nathan marry?  Will Anna speak up and tell the truth about who the father is of her baby?  Will she turn her head and put her feelings aside and let the relationship with Nathan's cousin and Maddie develop?  

This series is a very quick read series.  I read them all within two days, most of the books were under 40 pages, thus why I called them short stories.  All have fast moving relationships which is typical in all of her books.  All are wholesome with some twist this time.  I have to say though, if you have one series of Samantha Jillian Bayarr then you have read them all.  Her writings are all similar in just about all of her books.  My favorite was The Little Wild Flower series until I read The Apothecary.  This book is different and is my favorite of her books so far.  I will post about it next week.


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  1. I posted on Diane's review of a novella that I'm looking for shorter things to read because Finlay is taking-up so much of my time! :D

    I could read one of these per night for a few days. I like the sound of that, and I also like the setting for these books.

    Thanks for linking-up, Sweetie!



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