Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tackle It Tuesday ~ Cupboard Style

This week I tackled the cupboards in my Kitchen.  I moved things around to make it easier on my knees and I also add a few new things just for more organization.  I went through my spices and removed any spice container that was outdated.  I always take a Sharpie pen and write the date I open and depending on the spice I write the expiration date on the bottom if the container does not have a date listed.  If no date is listed on my bottle I refer to this website... click here.

Inside my spice cupboard, I taped a few charts.    The far bottom on the right, I have a conversion chart for measurements, a chart for different types of meat, safe meat temperature cooking time, and oven temperature chart.  To find a copy of it just click here.   The other charts are charts regarding carbohydrates and other measurements for diabetics.  I copied them from some handouts we received when we went to a diabetic fair.
 I love the charts, especially the diabetic ones.  I refer to them several times still.

The next change I did was with my pot lids.  I was tired of the lids falling out and sometimes landing on my foot.  I found lid organizers at K-Mart.  I love them.  Now my lids and baking trays are all organized.
If you are wondering what is between my pans, it is a piece of flannel.  I place flannel in between each of my non-stick pans and pots to keep them from being scratched.  This way they last longer.  I also never wash them in the dishwasher because extreme heat ruins them as well.

Now my Kitchen is completely organized and I am so thrilled about it.

What did you tackle this week?


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  1. I tackled going with my daughter to have her wisdom teeth removed. No fun! I love your organized cupboard! And the flannel is a great idea. I don't put mine in the dishwasher, either. I think I need one of those lid holders, but I doubt my husband would put them in the right place when he helps me with the dishes.


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