Thursday, March 13, 2014

Throwback Thursday # 10

Today's flashback we will go back to April 2007.  It was Easter time and the boys, Todd and I all stayed in a hotel in Bettendorff and had Easter with Todd's family in Davenport.  We actually could have stayed home, they only live an hour away but Todd and Todd's Mom thought it would be fun for the boys to stay at the hotel and go swimming.  We had two rooms at no cost.  The boys were just down the hall from us, like three doors down and Todd and I had a suite.  Any way I look back at these pictures and they just make me laugh. Here are my younger two.  Noah is my goofy youngest with missing teeth.  He was 6 at the time and Ethan was 9.  Look at the two of them, how much they loved one another and how close they were.  Such nice looking little boys, clean cut.  
Now let us look at my older two.  Joshua (the one who looks like he is a Hanson Brother...MmmBop) was almost 14 years old and Matthew almost 17.  My oh my!  I remember when they asked me if they could grow their hair out and I told them not past the shoulders.  Matthew would style his.  Joshua ended up going about 2 inches past the shoulders and only looked like he was in the wrong decade and should be on stage with his missing brothers making all the little girls scream and sing... MmmBop.  These two rarely talk to one another now.  It makes me so sad.  Maybe when they mature even more they can mend their differences.  These two were always goofing around and also always competing with one another.  Sometimes they reminded me of Frazier where the two brothers argued over who had the higher IQ. 
 My boys mean the world to me and I miss how close they all were.
Below was the bed in our suite.  I would love to have a bed like that at home but in the King size.
 After our time at the hotel, we packed up and went to Todd's Mom's place and had dinner. Todd and his sister hid eggs for the younger kids to go find in the back yard.  The boys had such a great time.

Seriously... Josh looked like he should be in this band.



  1. LOL I remember them (Hanson). What sweet memories!

  2. Your sons are so cute, Young and their mama! Yes, I'm liking that bed too, of course King size it'll have to be! Thanks for your sweet visit, you always make me smile sweetie!


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