Thursday, March 6, 2014

Throwback Thursday #9

SNOW...SNOW...SNOW!!!  This Winter has brought a lot of snow and especially freezing temperatures.  The snowfall reminded me back when I only had three children.  This picture takes us back to January 1997.

We had a blizzard which dumped nearly a foot of snow on top of our current nearly foot of snow.  Ethan was only 1. Matthew (The taller one wearing a coat.) was 7 and Joshua was 4.  My ex-husband and the older two went out to make a snowman. All three came back inside very excited.  My ex-husband was actually a man child and he loved playing with the boys in the snow.  The excitement was spewing from them as they talked about the giant snowman they just built.  My ex was around 5' 11'' and the snowman was nearly a foot taller than he was.  As you can tell, we still had a lot of snow on the ground after making that snowman, which took a lot of snow.  The boys talked for several Winters about that snowman.  Joshua actually cried when he melted.  I just took out our book of Frosty the Snowman and read to him and then reminded him his friend will be back as new snowflakes. They never built a huge snowman ever again, many smaller versions but they did build a lot of snow forts over the years.



  1. What a huge snowman and fond memories, Jolene.

  2. I love TBT! Wish I could find some old photos, certain ones, that I would love to post. Enjoyed your TBT!


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