Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wednesday Woo Hoo


WOO HOO!!!!  It is Wednesday.  The week is half over and I have Friday off!  I tried to get tomorrow off too but we already had one person who requested it from my team, oh well 3 day weekend will be exactly what Dr. Jolene prescribed.   

WOO HOO!!!  I have been partnered up for the Mug o' Comfort Swap.  I checked her blog out last night.  We both have 4 children and 2 step children. I cannot wait to email her tonight to start to get to know her.  

WOO HOO!!!  MY CLOSET IS CLEANED! All I need to do is gather all of my shoes and place them back in the shoe rack at the back of my closet, now that I can walk to the back of my closet.  That will be done on Friday.  Seriously, we need to find a new place for Christmas presents to be placed and the wrappings.  We already have a small pile beginning for next Christmas.  

I also completed my goal for the kitchen. The cupboards are done and I am very happy with it.  My cupboard with my spices, I printed a conversion chart which has the temperatures meat should be cooked and tacked the chart on the inside of my cupboard.  I also plan on tacking my chart of foods and how many carbohydrates are in them list as well.  This will be a big tool with controlling Todd's diabetes and my pre-diabetes. 

Monday, we had Taj for a few hours.  We had not seen him for a week and I needed a dose of Taj to pick me up out of the slump I was in.  It worked.  That kid is my instant happy pill.  He is so adorable and funny.  How could I not be happy when I walked inside the door and he was in the living room with Noah and his friends.  He gave me a huge smile and said, "NANA!"  He then hopped down off of one of the boy's lap turned to him and pointed at me, "That's my Nana!" and then ran to me open armed with a warm smile and gave me the biggest hug and kiss without asking.  God has blessed our family with this little boy. I just love being his Nana.  The biggest WOO HOO EVER, or to infinity and beyond as Taj would say. 

I signed up for a couple of Brush and Barrel classes this month.  I am very excited for these paintings.  I also splurged and picked up some drawing pencils and charcoal along with a sketch pad.  I am going to get back into drawing as well.  

Well my dear friends, the last Woo Hoo is you.  Thank you for being my friend and follower.  Thank you for your comments and private messages.  It really touches me.

What do you have to Woo Hoo about this week?


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  1. A clean closet, swap and your little Taj! Lots to be happy about. And it's wonderful to hear about you getting back to your art!


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