Saturday, April 26, 2014

Egg Grams

Where I work we have an activity committee. They try to do fun things to keep the morale up.  Last week they had egg grams.  It reminds me back in the day so long ago when I was in high school and during Homecoming Week, Christmas, and Valentine's Week you can purchase, ribbons, candy canes, or carnations to send to your friends.
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Our little eggs of course were filled with candy and the person sending could write a personal message.  It is a little fun and it does boost morale.   Where you work, do they do fun little things too?  If so what?


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  1. We do have a committee that tries to organize things to keep morale up. And once a month we have "fabulous Friday" where a department hosts some kind of snacks or special things during lunch. We have a hot dog bar and ice cream sundaes, or our Soup-er bowl, or salads and desserts. It's fun. I like the egg gram idea!


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