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Literary Friday

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I am participating with Ricki Jill's from Art @ Home , weekly party  Literary Friday. You should go over to her blog and check out all of the other book reviews. 

The Apothecary

Last week I told you this book The Apothecary by Samantha Jillian Bayarr is my favorite of hers.  It is a little under 200 pages.  This book has no Amish Community, the only similarity to this book as to any she has written is the quick relationships which leads to being married.  Now, I am not saying it is not realistic because I met my husband via dating website and in four months I moved a little over 200 miles to live closer to him, actually with him, so do not think I am passing judgement.

The main character in this book is Claire Mayfield.  Claire's mother, who was an orphan, just passed away.  While at her mother's funeral she finds a very good looking man who happens to be a lawyer stating he needed to meet with her about her inheritance. Now this shocked Claire because she knew her life with her mother was simple. It was just the two of them, no other family members.  Claire's father ran out of their lives before she was born.  Claire knew of rumors that her mother was a decedent of Dr Blackwell's but they were just that, rumors until her mother's death.   Claire finds out she has inherited the Blackwell's Estate along with the Orphanage her mother lived in.  The estate includes a Garden House, large piece of land, a lake and a huge mansion that is supposed to be haunted by the three children who were murdered shortly after their mother's death. The murder was supposed to be their father, Dr. Blackwell. 

After Claire's mother's death, Claire started to have weird dreams, haunting dreams always the same little girl was in her dream.  She shared this with her best friend, Emily.  After the funeral, Claire decided to go to the attractive attorney's office to see what he was talking about. She was sure there was some sort of mistake because her mother was not wealthy at all.  While waiting for the attorney (Ben), Claire looked at documents pertaining to her and old photos. Claire was very surprised when she noticed the girl from her dreams was in the picture.  She was even more surprised when the girl moved in the picture looking right at her placing her finger near her mouth as in hushing her. Now, I do not know about any one else but if that happened to me, I would have done exactly what Claire did. Get the heck out of there. 

Emily loves adventure and would like nothing better to go and investigate the mansion to find out if it is actually haunted.  Claire has many reservations.   Claire does finally meet up with Ben to discuss her inheritance and agrees to go with him to check out the Orphanage and the Estate.  He was anxious to see it as well.  The day they go to check everything out Claire finds a little baby girl there who calls her Mama.  They have an instant connection.  Ben is moved by this as well and convinces Claire to marry him the very next day and he has a surprise for Claire, with all of his connections they were able to walk out with the baby girl to adopt as well.  Now Claire has an instant family as well as an Estate, my her life has changed so quickly.  The new family moves into the Garden House while they work on the Mansion.

Claire is haunted by the distant and yet very dead relative, she was one of the children murdered over 100 years prior.  The little girl is trying to share something with her and Claire ends up being on a mission to solve the mystery.  Claire discovers her great uncles apothecary while she is investigating the Mansion.  Was this how her uncle killed his children by poisoning them?  What was the little girl trying to tell Claire?  What is her secret?  Will Ben think Claire is a lunatic for seeing ghost and even communicating to one?  All these answers and many more details which I left out are all found inside this book.

I think Samantha Jillian Bayarr did an excellent job writing this paranormal and suspenseful book.  They way she described the nursery when Claire sees the ghost baby was remarkable.  I found my heart rate increased as I read that section in the book.  This is by far my favorite book she has written.

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  1. Good, I'm glad you didn't write about The Snow Child yet because I still haven't read it. I read a quick little novella while I'm struggling with this month's book club selection. :/

    This actually sounds like a book I'd love. I like quick romances like that because I knew the night I met Trip that we were going to be married. The whole picture thing would have freaked me out, though….very creeptastic!

    Question: Did you read this on your Kindle or Nook?


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