Saturday, April 19, 2014

Literary Friday

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I am participating with Ricki Jill's from Art @ Home , weekly party  Literary Friday. You should go over to her blog and check out all of the other book reviews.  (Yes, I know it is Saturday...)

The Boy on the Wooden Box

I loved the movie Schindler's List.  I loved knowing there was someone who had so much compassion for humans during some very ugly times and he had power to save some Jewish people.  This book The Boy On The Wooden Box is a memoir of Leon Leyson.  He is one of the Jewish people Oskar Schindler saved.  He was a child at that time, only ten years old when Nazi invaded Poland and his immediate family was forced to relocate to the Krakow ghetto.  Leon did lose two brothers and extended family during this ugliest history error in my opinion.  They survived only because Oskar added their names to his list of workers in his factory, his mother, his father, and tow of his four siblings as well as him, this list is known as the Schindler's List.  Leon is one of the youngest children to survive on this list.

This book in my opinion is an important contribution to our history because not many survived concentration camps and their story should be shared.  He, however demonstrates how one struggles to move on and can overcome horrible events life may throw at one.  I found I appreciated Oskar Schindler once more for his bravery and being a decent human being.

This book is a quick read but I feel everyone should read it, this way history is not forgotten and hopeful never repeated.  


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  1. I definitely want my youngest daughter to read this one. Did you hear on the news where Jews are being made to register in the Ukraine? So scary.


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