Monday, April 28, 2014

Our Day At the Children's Museum

Originally we have Taj on Saturdays and we try to find something fun to do with him.  The Saturday after my Dad passed I had originally thought I would be just spending time with my Dad but he went faster than we had thought he was going to go.  Kera's Mom agreed to watch him but I was home in Iowa City for the weekend and I really wanted Taj that day.  I needed my sunshine to help mend some of my aching heart. It worked a little.  We had a fun packed day.  We started out the day with breakfast out our grocery store.  Children had all you can eat pancakes free but that is not why we went.  Come back tomorrow for our breakfast adventure.  After our first adventure we headed to the mall to go to The Iowa's Children Museum.  There was a very long line to get inside. I think we waited for nearly 20 minutes and for a nearly three year old, 20 minutes is a very long time.  I loved how the staff at the museum had staff outside the museum inside the mall playing a game of Simon Said while they waited in line.  This helped some.  What a great idea and very kid orientated. Once inside Taj was so in the zone.  The zone to have fun.
 He loves fishes.

The museum has a room which is set up as a bank.  Children can role play as bank tellers or customers.  We never made it inside only to the drive through.

 Taj loved driving the car at the bank teller window.

Next he found an area where he could match plastic toy animals to actual pictures of the animals.

 He loved doing this!

Our first room I would say we stayed for over an hour.  It had everything boys (and some girls) would enjoy...CARS, TRAINS, RACES, and CLIMBING.

 Here he is racing a golf ball down a track.

 Next he found the wooden trains and track.  
Oh my he loved this!
They had a station where pre-made car bodies, nuts and bolts, weights, and tires.
The children make their pinewood derby cars.
Then take them to the track to race. 
 He did this for the longest time.
He brought back memories of my boys when they were in Cub Scouts.
Oh the Pinewood Derby was a big thing in our house.
We had some years we took home the trophy.
 Just look at his face in the picture below. 
He was actually jumping up and down because his car was winning.
 After the derby track he found more cars with helicopters.
 Then he climbed some stairs to send a golf ball down a ramp 
which had a lot of ups and downs like a roller coaster.

 It had a high first drop

 A climbing wall in this room too!
Taj needed just a little help from his Papa but he was fine with that.

After this room we found our way into this very large room.  Taj went wild in this room. It was a giant room filled mainly with flying things and big slides.  We were in this room for over an hour, closer to two hours actually.

 He went down the slide a couple of times
He then ran down to the opposite side to his favorite area.
It was an area where there were several suction vents looping and connecting.
It had openings and endings.
The child would put a little cloth ball in one chute and it would be
sucked up and sent through the vent and out another opening.
He absolutely loved this and would giggle and giggle as he tried to race and follow the cloth ball.
 Here Papa picked him to have the cloth ball bonk him on the head when it came out.
He giggled and giggled and asked to do it again...over and over and over.
He took off and went to play with the Fisher Price Airplane Center.  
It was set up on an air liner boat.  He really enjoyed playing with the guys.
 We finally coaxed him into the cockpit of the airplane.
He was not too impressed.
 Inside he found goggles and an pilot jacket.
The cutest little pilot ever in my opinion.
 He climbed down from the airplane to play with the Fisher Price planes some more.
 Next Papa and he built a paper rocket and placed it on the stomp launch.
You had to stomp on this little peddle to send your rocket flying.
Taj actually jumped so hard the fourth time it landed on the window ledge;
Our rocket launching came to an end just like our flight program here in the states. :(
 After the rocket, Taj found a peddle airplane. 
He had fun making the propeller spin.

The next room we went to was the dentist/hospital room.  Here Taj is learning how to brush and floss your teeth properly.

We had his eyes evaluated.  They take a special picture of his eyes and mail the results to us.  After this we went to the music room.  It had a guitar, piano, several hand instruments.  A little recording studio (role playing) and a sound room with several different drums and xylophones.

 Taj just loved the drums!

By this time Taj was ready to go home and it was way passed his nap time.  We did not make it to the stage or acting/costume room.  Nor did we make it to the Grocery Store.  I believe there were a few other small rooms we missed but when a toddler is tired and ready for nap it is time to hit the road.  He was asleep before we left the parking lot.


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