Sunday, April 27, 2014

Our Mall: More Than Shopping

Our Mall is more than just shopping.  It used to be the largest in the state but West Des Moines built one and well it may be the largest with shopping it does not have the extras.  We have a carousel inside. 
Taj loves it.  His favorite is either the elephant or the cheetah.

Our Mall has an indoor playground for wee ones.  It is not much but something for little ones to climb on.  I have no pictures of it. 

Our Mall has an indoor Ice Skating Rink.

 My older two on the ends, the middle boy is a friend back in 2008.

Our Mall also is home of The Iowa Children's Museum.

I took my younger two to the museum, only one was impressed, I think the one was a little too old for it then, but now they have added things I am sure he would have enjoyed.  The last Friday of every month through 2030 the mall has an evening called Family Free Friday

From 5-8 pm
  • Free admission to the Ice Arena (2 kids free with 1 paid adult)
  • Carousel rides to all
  • Admission to The Iowa Children's Museum to all
  • Kid's meal at the following participating food court retailers (1 child free with each purchase of an adult combo meal.
7:30 pm there is a free figure skating exhibition.

Once a year there is a free day at the Children's Museum with many other vendors to aid children along the way, for example a free eye evaluation, reading programs to provide a head start for children, basically programs to aid children.  They had people there to demonstrate safe bedding for babies and car seats.  Two weekends ago we took Taj to The Iowa Children's Museum.  Watch for tomorrow's post about our morning at this wonderful museum.


  1. What a great mall! Love the carousel and I would choose the cheetah too! Go Taj. He's so lucky to have you!

  2. Looks like a great mall! I love the carousel too. Have a terrific day!


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