Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Saturday Morning Adventure- Week Before Easter

The weekend before Easter we had Taj on Saturday.  Yesterday I told you about our adventures at The Iowa Children's Museum and spoke about our Breakfast that day.  We went to Hy-Vee our grocery store.  While we waited for breakfast my little sunshine played.

 and posed along with Papa,
 His Nana even let him take a picture of her.  
I am so glad it is so washed out because I had absolutely no make up on.
I did not see any reason to do so when it wore off from all the tears.
I also copied his cheesy smile.
 Finally breakfast came and Taj wanted to eat Papa's breakfast too.
 I love Todd's facial expressions when he is with Taj.
Just look at his mouth.  he he he
After we finished our breakfast it was time for us to share with Taj what was going to happen next.  The Easter Bunny was going to be there, but before the Easter Bunny was to arrive there was going to be an Easter Egg Hunt.  Oh, he was so excited about the egg hunt and the bunny.  No one was going to hold him back.  Well, okay, Papa was going to hold him back some. 
 So much excitement he could hardly control it.
 He waited patiently.
 He told us he wanted Papa/Nana Kisses.
 Papa/Nana Kisses are special kisses Taj has been receiving since he has been a baby.
He giggles and giggles when he gets them.
We both kiss on him the same time.  
One on each check and make kissing noises
as we kiss his cheek.
Our store had a rule, they started with the youngest group and asked for parents to control each child to 10 eggs this way each child will have an opportunity to have some.  My stinking camera's batteries died and I missed Taj grabbing his eggs.  He could not wait to tear into the goodies he gathered.  Then he saw him...
The EASTER BUNNY!!! Taj was not afraid one bit.  He ran over to him and gave him a high five.  He kept reaching up to his ears and pinching his pink nose.
The Easter Bunny would not be the Easter Bunny if he did not hand out candy.  Taj was such a happy little boy.
After our breakfast adventure we headed over to The Iowa Children's Museum.  We had a lot of fun there too.  If you have not read about it yet, look at yesterday's post.


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  1. I haven't seen your adorable Taj in a while and he has grown sooo much! What fun he and you both are having! It's so much fun to be with the grands...I haven't seen my two girls in a couple of months too and I miss them! Thanks for sharing hon...


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