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My name is Jolene and I am glad you came to visit; whether you are a follower or stopping by from UBP, Welcome!

This will be my fourth year at the UBP and I have found some great bloggie friends from partying with 5 Minutes for Moms at the UBP.  I am a laid back person, well easy going, I guess I am not very laid back.  I am probably the biggest worrier you have ever met but I am striding to Let It Be... I have an off sense of humor, sort of nerdy but I would not have me any other way.  I have four boys of my own and two step-daughters. 
This picture is so very old, November 2008.  We have talked about having another picture taken because we have a wonderful grandson now too.
He shows up in my post often.  He is definitely my sunshine.  
Last year we took him to see Sesame Street Live, you can read about it here and he we had a blast.    This was about a month before his birthday and here are a few pictures of the decorations I made and his Mama helped out where she could.  You can read about his big day by clicking here.

I am starting to work on his next birthday party.  I cannot believe this little boy is going to be three this year.  It is so unbelievable how time flies.
We have two gardens, one in our back yard and another at the community garden.  I love Summer time with seeing the growth of the garden and eating fresh vegetables, NOTHING can beat that.  I do a lot of canning and freezing as well as try new fresh recipes.

I blog about my life, what is going on.  I will post recipes from time to time.  I participate in a few memes (some more faithfully than others) Tackle It Tuesday ~ Hosted by 5 Minutes for Moms, Happy List ( which is now, just my Wednesday Woo Hoos), Wordless Wednesday~ Hosted by 5 Minutes for Moms, Literary Friday ~ Hosted by Art@Home, and Friday Confessional~ Hosted by High-Heeled Love  I post a song every Sunday ~ Sunday's Song and try to link it up to Musical Monday Hosted by My-So-Called Chaos, and Monthly Goals ~ Hosted by  My So-Called ChaosA Peek at Karen's World, & Jenee Thompson.  I plan to start a new party sometime during the month of April-  Throwback Thursday.  I hope you all consider joining in.  I have participated in a few Blog Swaps, mainly hosted by Chaotic Goddess Swaps.  You can click here to see their web site.

I posted about our vacation last year.  It was a great one.  You can click the below links for the 2013 vacation series.
Vacation 2013~Day One/The Drive To Mt Rushmore Vacation 2013~Day One/Mt Rushmore
Vacation 2013~Day One/Crazy Horse
Vacation 2013~Day Two/The Drive to Cody, Wyoming
Vacation 2013~Day Three/The Drive To/And Yellowstone National Park
Vacation 2013~Day Three/Yellowstone National Park Old Faithful
Vacation 2013~Day Three/Grand Canyon of Yellowstone Park/ Back to Cody
Vacation 2013~Day Four/Cody, Wyoming
Vacation 2013~Day Five/The Drive to Custer, South Dakota
Vacation 2013~Day Five/Big Horn National Park
Vacation 2013~Day Six/Our Last Day Of Vacation

This year will be more laid back since we had two great years of vacations.

Watch for a series I will have this July.  I am going to post Christmas in July.  Every day during the month of July, I plan to post something crafty or recipe for the upcoming holiday.  I am very excited about this.
Now, let's raise our glass and get the party started.  I cannot wait to get to meet you all.  Happy UBP2104!
Ultimate Blog Party 2014


  1. Hi Jolene! Hopping over from UBP14. Great to meet you :-)

  2. It is so nice to "meet you!" Just dropping by for #UBP14. I love meeting new bloggers and finding new blogs to read. You have a great site here! I hope you find the time to visit both of my blogs.

    Have a terrific day!

  3. Raising my glad and saying HI! 😃 Your vacations sounds great, would love to do a trip like that! 😃 Happy blog hopping!

  4. Your grandbaby is adorable! Did you make those Sesame Street creations? If so, bravo! Nice to meet you. :)

  5. Hi, Jolene! Your grandson is so cute!

    My husband and I took the same drive to Yellowstone the summer before we got married. We can't wait to do it again when our kids are a little older! It was a great vacation.

  6. Hi, so nice to meet you! Sorry to hear about your dad. :( I just took my parents to St. Louis last week because I know the time is limited with my dad too, he has Parkinson's. We had a pretty good trip, but he's had a really rough week being home now.
    Anyway, my mom took my middle son to the Sesame Street Live when he was about your grandson's age and yes, total love! It's going to be fun to be the Nana someday I see! :)

  7. You look like you have so much fun and those decorations are too cute! I'm happy to find more memes to participate in too.


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