Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Happy List ~ Wednesday Woo Hoo

I finally had a Saturday which was not tied up with my Dad dieing, his death, or baby sitting the entire day so....

I was able to take my son car shopping.  Ethan has been working since the second to the last week of July last year and has saved every penny he has earned.  Well nearly every penny in 10 months he has only spent $500 of his earnings until Saturday.   He is now an owner of this 2002 Pontiac Grand Am GT.  I am so HAPPY for him and very proud of him.  This car should definitely get him through high school and college which was his goal.  He also learned Mom knows a little bit about cars and was impressed how I could answer the car dealer's questions and told him to stand firm on his offer, he only went up $150 on the final price and I paid that for the kid.  His check engine light came on within 48 hours and we took it back.  The dealership was great, the took care of it and told us if the light does not (fuel injector had gunk stuck in it) turn off within 2 weeks bring it back.  The light went off on the drive home.   I am very HAPPY with this dealership so far.  They may have my youngest son's purchase in 3 years when the time comes.  Now here is the part I am going to ask your help.  If you have a Facebook account, please click on the picture and "like" if Ethan gets 150 likes in 30 days, they will send him $100 check.  He is up to 74 likes within the first 20 hours.  Thanks so much for helping.  


What are you happy about this week?  Any Woo Hoos?



  1. I liked his photo. Hope he gets the hundred dollars. That would be such a wonderful blessing. Congratulations to him and i'm so glad he didn't get in debt. This is the way to do it. Good job mom. :)
    xx Beca

  2. YAY for Ethan! I'll go over and "like"


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