Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Spring & My Rock Makes Me Happy

I just absolutely love Spring time.  I am not sure if Spring, Summer, or Fall is my favorite season.  I love all three.  I can say without a doubt Winter is my least favorite.  Spring is so special because it is a time for rebirth.  I love listening to the birds chirp while laying in bed in the morning with the windows open.  I love the flowers blooming and trees budding new leaves.  I love the beginning of gardening.  A couple of weeks after my Dad died we were finally able to get out into our yard and take care of it.  We neglected it from October on due to going to Des Moines every weekend.  One of our neighbors even made a comment to my son, Ethan about how we are finally getting to it.  He just said something like yeah, it is the first time since the middle of October we have not gone to Des Moines.  Our neighbor just gave him a weird look I guess.  {sigh}  Our neighbor to our right is rather un-neighborly often to us. Oh well, his problem.  Our yard when the leaves are picked up and the sticks is beautiful in my eyes.

 I just love the mini daffodils. 

 The two toned pink are one of my favorites.

 I decided I am going to cut some of my flowers and bring them indoors this year.
I have never done this with any of my flowers.
I do not know why because they smell divine.
Spring makes me HAPPY!!!  It has been awhile since I posted about what makes me HAPPY.  I think it is time for re-birth at With A Little Help From My Friends.  Post like this will have to make a weekly appearance once again.

You know what else makes me HAPPY?  My rock.   Yes, that is right.  My best friend, my husband is definitely my rock.  I love this man with every once of me {Let me tell you, this gal has a lot of ounces too.}  I do not know how I could have survived the past month especially without him.  He has been there in so many ways.  I love how he takes care of me. How he looks out for my children as well as his own.  How is such a wonderful Papa to our little Taj.  I am so blessed to have my rock in my life.

What makes you HAPPY?


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  1. I love your flowers! Spring makes me happy too and when my kids are happy I am also happy. Have a terrific day!


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