Monday, May 12, 2014

Starburst Mirror. . . Yes, Please!

I have been slowly re-decorating our house to make it feel mine too.  This year my goal is to finish both living rooms and re-decorate the master bedroom.  We have had different bedding and have added chairs and a different entertainment center but the bed was Todd's and his ex wife's, wait scratch that we did get new mattress a year ago so it is their old head board.  I am going to make a new headboard.  Yes, that is right I am going to make it.  I cannot wait and hope my vision for our bedroom turns out exactly how I plan.  I love it when visions come true.  It did with the kitchen and I love love love my kitchen.  I plan to add a few new items sometime in the near future, things I never thought of then.

One thing I plan on making for the master bedroom is a starburst mirror.  I love them.  I found several different DIY styles on Pinterest.  Here are my favorites:
 This one is made out of plastic spoons.  
I love the ombre colors

DIY wall starburst mirror 
I cannot find the actual instructions on this one but I think I can figure it out.

DIY - Sunburst mirror made with colored PENCILS! Brilliant!
This one is made with pencils.  
Magazine Mirror. This would also work for a holiday wreath. I love the thought of recycling old magazines into something else.
Rolled up magazine pages

 DIY lighted starburst mirror tree topper
I would not add the lights but this one is made out of skewers and garden stakes.

 Cool decorating idea using cardboard
Cardboard from a cereal box.

Wooden slabs, I think wood shimmies would work too

danielle oakey interiors: thrifty tuesdays: DIY sunburst mirror
This one used flat wood sticks and an embroidery hoop.
The next several images are different styles using dowels
diy starburst mirror | diy starburst mirror using skewers. | DIY
How To Make a Sunburst Porch Mirror | Apartment Therapy


At this point, I am not sure which one I am leaning towards.  I love all of the styles and different mediums.  I do know I want it above the headboard.  Originally I wanted a painting above the headboard but I have changed my mind on that.  The painting I have found a different home for once the room has been re-decorated. 


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