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Throwback Thursday #11 - My Dad

I have been working on projects for my Dad’s Memorial this weekend.  I feel it is only appropriate for this Thursday’s Throwback to be about him.

My Dad and all of his siblings. 
My Dad is in the second row to the right, directly behind his brother 
covering his eyes to shade from the sunshine.
My Dad is the one on the right with his finger on his hip. 
He is with his younger two brothers and one of the twins.
Here he is at the age of 19 and I am 6 months.
My Mom and Dad under the Mistletoe Christmas Eve.
I always loved being at my Grandparents for Christmas.
 Our last family picture before my parents divorced.

Since this is a throwback I also wanted to post memories family members have about my Dad.  I have been gathering them from family for his Memorial on Saturday.
  • My most memorable moment with Uncle Joe is the positive attitude he carried with him during his illness.  When always asked how he was feeling, the response was said with a  smile of “Great, never felt better.”  His strength, courage, and pleasant attitude during his long battle with cancer is something I will always remember most about him.  ~Angel (niece)
  • One of my favorite memories of Grandpa was when we would go downstairs of Grandma Take Your Shoes off  house and play Mouse Trap.  ~Matthew (grandson)
  • I will always remember how he would get down on the floor no matter how he felt and played with his grandchildren. ~Ethan (grandson)
  • When I think about Grandpa, I just remember how he always tried to make people laugh.  He would take any situation and make it funny, like taking his teeth out for pictures. ~Joshua  (grandson)
  • I remember when I was very little, Dad would be working on a car and Lisa would be working on our picnic table as if it was her car. I remember when I asked him to go with a boy for the first time and he said no unless they can beat him up.  I went back to school and told the boys.  I was never asked to go with a boy until 3 years later and I begged my Dad to allow it.  After a few months, I caught the boy cheating on me and was devastated like a typical teenager.  While I was crying on my bed, my Dad came to me and sat on the edge of my bed and told me this is why he did not want me to have a boyfriend.  He never wanted to see me with a broken heart.~ Jolene (daughter)
  • The first time I cooked spaghetti I was doing my homework at the same time and never stirred the noodles once.  The noodles were stuck together as big as a quarter.  When my sister and Mom laughed, my Dad told them to stop it was the best spaghetti he ever tasted and then with a wink, he told me from now on when I cook I should not be working on homework.  He must have gained this trait from Grandpa because he was just as convincing as when my Grandpa told Lisa it was the best pie he ever ate when she mixed up the sugar with salt in the recipe. ~Jolene  (daughter)
  • I remember Dad taking us to the toy department and telling Jolene and I we can have anything we want in the store.  When I pointed out what I really wanted he said, Lisa, that is too expensive find something cheaper and I ended up with a GI Joe doll van. ~Lisa (daughter)  Jolene's input -  I remember the same thing, only Lisa wanted the Barbie van and I told her how she is such a Tom Boy and then I pointed out all the cool things on the GI Joe doll van.  Lisa finally stated that is what she wanted and I was thrilled because then I was able to get the Barbie van.
  • My most memorable memory with Joe was our Wedding Day.~ Chris  (My Mom)
  • I remember best going over to Grandma Ferns and Joe would say I'm going for my walk and prove the doctors wrong they told me I only had a month and I will show them and he did. ~ Dennis (brother)
  • When I would take over Mackenzie that Joe would call her his girlfriend and always give her candy or a treat.  He would always tease Mackenzie and tell her that he went to Mc Donald's and ate all the Happy meals and that she would have to do without and she would reply oh well there is always Burger King and then would laugh. ~Amanda (niece)
  • He always kept you on your toes – never knew what he would do or say.  Had you laughing.  Always willing to help if needed and if  not needed he would want to help. Never blamed anyone for his troubles or problems –Always stated that he created them and would own them.  He was our Uncle Si and he will be greatly missed. ~ Karen (sister)
  • When I think back about my brother I think of the past few years. How he always offered to carry my laundry basket downstairs for me, even when I would say "I can do it" he would still take it down,  how he would always offer to share some concoction that he made after seeing it on Dr Oz., or after shopping at Walmart finding him waiting outside having a conversation with some stranger. All in all he was a good brother, there were times he made me mad and times he made me laugh and I am sure I will see him again one day. ~Julie (sister) 
  • Grandpa Joe taking his teeth out and chasing her around with his teeth hanging out like he was going to eat her. ~CJ (great-grandchild)
  • I will always remember playing cards with him, and waking up in the morning and listening to country music. His crush on Reba and asking joking that she looked like Lisa Kornhauser. ~Fred (grandchild)
  • I remember him singing "Elvira"; going to the movies to see E.T.  I have so many... I think the few that stick out the most are when Dad took me to Grandma's in my smurf slippers and told me not to touch the exhaust pipe or I will burn my feet. Also riding around the water tower on his bike. Every Friday night he would bring home a candy bar; driving like the hulk down the hill on SE 5th.  When we all went to A &W and he drank the root beers we couldn't finish.  The time he took Katie and I shopping for our birthdays and we got those Barbie office/home set, or when we stayed the night with him when he was at Sue's.  Playing pool with him. ~Amy (daughter)
  • My favorite memory of Grandpa was playing pool with him.~ Carlos (grandchild)
  • How he would always play with Miranda.~ Rob (son in law)
  • When Grandpa would play with us and tease us about the Smith boys; Jimmy and Billy.~ Kaylee and Lexie (grandchildren)
  • Grandpa walking to see me in the hospital. The time he came into the living room dancing and saying "Look at me Miranda.  I am wearing diapers too." ~Miranda (grandchild)
  • I have way too many to share but Dad would always play around with everyone even people at the store.~Katie (daughter)
  • My memory would be with Dominic, how he always put his fist together saying "Grandpa Joe. Fight." and how Grandpa Joe would sneak Dominic little clementine oranges and saying don't tell your Mom.~Hailey (grandchild in law)
  • I remember playing Go Fish and he let me cheat to win.  I also remember him getting yelled at by Grandma because he left the toilet seat up. ~Julie (grandchild)
  • One afternoon while visiting, Joe was teasing Mackenzie.  Kenzers said she wanted chicken McNuggets from McD's for lunch and Joe said he bought all the chicken nuggets and ate them, so none were left.  Kenzers sat there looking quizzical for a moment or two... then said well there's always Burger King.  :) ~Mindi (niece)
  • I will always remember how he was always so goofy and wanted to make everyone laugh. The one thing I loved about him was that he deeply cared and wanted to protect the ones that he loved. If at the end he wanted to protect and try to lighten the burden of the sorrow and hurt each of us would feel when he was gone. I will always remember what he told Grandma that Tuesday night, when she was sitting by him crying. he opened up his eyes and looked at her and said, it will be okay, I will always be with you. I truly believe he is one of our many Guardian Angel up in Heaven and he will continue to try to protect all of us on earth.~ Kathy (sister)
  • Joe was always running after Marlyn and I trying to keep up with us. One example was one Christmas when Joe was 5 years old, Marlon, Joe, and I all got new bikes for Christmas. Joe's had training wheels. We rode the bikes up to the grocery store and rode them in the parking lot on Sunday's because the stores were closed back then on Sunday's.  I remember how mad Joe was because he could not keep up with us because of the training wheels.  I remember about a month or two later I went up to the parking lot with him and took his training wheels off and gave him a couple of pushes to help him learn how to ride his bike without the training wheels.  It did not take him long. I was four years older than Joe.  When I was in high school at East, I would walk to Harding Middle School after school.  Joe was in 7th grade, just about every day the kids would run up to me and tell me Joe was behind Western Auto fighting 9th graders and usually he was winning.  He loved to fight.  Towards the end when I went to visit he would always greet me as "Hazel Baker" and I would call him "Wilson", places where we used to work. I have a million of memories of Joe. ~Randy (brother)


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  1. Sweet memories of your father. So sorry he's gone. I hope it brings you comfort remembering the life he lived and how he positively affected the lives of others. Sweet photos.
    xx Beca


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