Thursday, May 8, 2014

Throwback Thursday #12 ~ Birthday and Mother's Day Style

My Throwback is going to be two different throwbacks in one in honor of this weekend.

First this little picture is a throwback to 1990. 

May 10, 1990 to be exact.

Happy Birthday to my first born
Matthew Michael Titler

Here he is 3 months.

His Birthday is this Saturday and he will be 24 years old.  
My time flies.

Second set of pictures is to celebrate Mother's Day this Sunday.

Christmas Eve 1967.  
My Mom is nearly 18 (in 2 months) and pregnant with Lisa.
I am nearly one.  
In 2 days I will be one and my Mom will give birth to Lisa.

This would be in the Summer of 1967.

This past month I have wanted to be with my Mom every day. 
You are never too old to want to be with your parents.



  1. How beaurtiful and sweet photgraphs fro memory lane! Wow, my youngest is 33 and oldest 34...where did time go, wow, my g'girl Victoria is gonna be 10 next month, I can't believe it! Happy Mother's Day my sweet friend.


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