Wednesday, June 18, 2014

He's Such A Blessing!!!

Todd and I have been so blessed being grandparents to Taj.  He has been so active in our daily lives. Kera went back to work when Taj was 3 months.  Every other weekend I watched Taj for nearly a year then Kera's Mom assisted and I watched him every Saturday.  Todd and I (mainly Todd) picked him up 3 days one week and 4 days the other week (her schedule alternates week to week) from the day care and we will have him until 8ish every night.  In January Kera went back to work so I watch him every Saturday and we have him two nights a week.  As you see, we have Taj often and enjoy our time with him.  Last Thursday Kera told us there is a chance she may be moving closer to a guy she is interested if things keep progressing.  I am happy she has someone who treats her right as well as a good man for Taj but the problem is he lives in Texas and we are in Iowa.  If this happens I know we are going to be devastated. 

We originally we planned to have a weekend getaway with Ethan, Noah, Todd, Taj, and myself but Ethan had to take the ACT test. Noah, well Noah was being a problem and did not want to go.  Here are some pictures of my little sunshine from this weekend.

 "Are we there yet?"
 Yogurt Goatee... Now Taj has a Goatee like Papa.
 Swim time!
 I love his smile!
 After his bath he did not want to get dressed.  
He wanted to run around with his towel.
This kid makes me laugh so hard.
 Finally at the Zoo!
 I just love their smiles.
Below Taj is watching the penguins.
 Snack Time!
 I think he is so adorable!
 Someone did NOT want to sit on the Saber Tooth Tiger.
 "Where's his stripes Nana?"
 The Fossil Dig Site.
 Diving in!
 He was having so much fun!
 "ROAR!"  "That's what Alex says Nana."
 Having fun in the water.
 Someone is tired from no nap.



  1. It doesn't matter where he goes, Jolene. This kind of Love won't go away. He'll always have in you a safe haven of Love, Support and Laughter.
    I know separations are hard but you will be able to be present in his, and Kera's, life through other ways. Schedule Skype, Phone conversations ina regular basis. Send him goods by Post - coloring books, a tee - that makes him - and you - realize that even when everything changes this Love doesn't have to.
    Hang in there Dear.

  2. I know you will be heartbroken if he moves away, but on the plus side, you can come to Texas to visit him and meet me! Seriously, though, I know how much he means to you, and I just hope for the best for all of you.

  3. He's so cute, and I know it would devastate you if they moved to Texas!


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