Wednesday, June 4, 2014

June Goals

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Monthly Goals

  • Work out 6 of the 7 days of the week.  FAIL BIG TIME
  • Celebrate Matthew and Joshua's Birthday.  SUCCESS for Matthew but FAIL for Joshua.  Noah was hospitalized the day before because he attempted three times to hang himself.
  • Plan a fun day with my boys and actually do it.  FAIL it has been a crazy month because of Noah.
  • Complete 1 bookSUCCESS  Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah and Burning Girls by Veronica Schanoes
  • Work on my Seasonal Series Painting.  FAIL
  • Work on Taj's birthday party decorations.  FAIL  This is super serious I now have 3 days to get them done.
  • Plan our trip in June to OmahaSUCCESS  It is just a weekend get away with Noah and Taj.  Ethan could not get the time off of work and he has to take his ACT test.
  • Cry less.  HA HA HA... NOT EVEN CLOSE
  • Finish Spring Cleaning.   SUCCESS and it feels great too!
  • Begin the gardens. SUCCESS you can read about it by clicking here.
I do not think I did well at all during the month of May.  Working out has fallen so far to the end of my priority list.  It should not but that is what I always do, take care of others.  Work has been crazy and I have had to work late just about every day which keeps me from working out too.

  • Participate in Bloggers 'N' Books Swap hosted by Chaotic Goddess.
  • Trip to Omaha
  • Complete 2 books
  • Complete one painting.
  • Taj's Birthday Party
  • Apply for a new job.
  • Complete the Parade of Herky 2 pictures.
 Do you have any goals this month?  What are they?



  1. Sounds like the month was really crazy for you. I hope June is a bit more restful and not so crazy.

  2. You had some really lofty goals. Workout 6 days? Girl! lol (I now say girl all the time in my head because Shawn says it every day) I think you did really well considering the amount of goals you had! Goals are hard!

    Looks like June is totally doable! Love your face and thanks for linking up!

  3. I hope Noah is doing better, and I'm so sorry this has been such a crazy month for you. :(
    Knowing you, I'm sure Taj had an AWESOME birthday, with or without decorations. That Omaha trip will be good.


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