Monday, June 2, 2014

Letter to June

 Dear June,
 I need a break here.  Please be kind to me and my family.  Your predecessor April and May have robbed so much energy from me.  I feel like they have stolen so much from my life and would not mind one bit if you give me a pardon from emotions this month.
April was a bitch because she took my father physically from me.  I say physically because I know he is here still with us from time to time.  He makes sure to show us.  I miss his smile, his goofiness, and his laughter.  One way he has shown he is with us by wishing Kaylee Happy Birthday.   Seriously June, he did.  My Mom was watching the girls and a Mylar balloon Kaylee got for her birthday kept floating from her bedroom into the living room.  The girls took it back to the room two times because the first time my Mom tripped over the ribbon attached to it.  The third time the balloon floated over to the love seat and stopped right next to Miranda and did not move any more.  Exactly where my Dad was most of the time, next to Miranda.  I know you hold Father's Day in June and it will be a rough one, please be kind to my sisters and I.  
 May was a witch too because Noah tried to hang himself.  This dear June has been more difficult one to deal with.  Waking up every three hours to check on him the first month is kicking my ass.  Seriously!  His attitude is also hitting me with upper cuts from the left and right.  June, you need to give me patience and more energy to deal with this child.  I love him so much but he is so lost.  How did he get so lost?
June, I welcome your warm embrace and full of life you normally provide.  Please let this month bloom only good things.


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  1. I will keep you in my prayers, Jolene. It sounds like your Father is with you. I love the story about the balloon. I hope June is a much better month for you.


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