Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday Moans

It has been so long since I have posted a Monday Moan and with all the anger I have been experiencing I am going to post one today...

MOOOOOAAAAANNNN... Yes, I have a lot of anger issues right now.  I think it is part of the ugly monster called grief.  I am grieving so many things right now. The job, the company is not what they made out they were going to be.  I enjoy my job but I am grieving for a company that did not exist and is why I could justify the huge pay cut a little more than a year ago.

MOOOOOAAAAANNNN... I finally have access to my Yahoo account I locked myself out of the day my Dad died.  My Uncle Dennis sent me some pictures of my Dad less than 12 hours before he died.  I was told he took one of my Dad and my Grandma, so I was hoping one of the four he sent was this one.  MOOOOOAAAAANNNN  None of them were.  I am glad he sent me the picture of my Dad alone.  The other three were not pictures but little mini video clips.  I wish I never watched one in particular.  MOOOOOAAAAANNNN  My sister Katie was talking about how part of his face was swollen and my Dad was looking up at her. He was scared.  I could see the terror in his eyes. MOOOOOAAAAANNNN  This image keeps haunting me now.  I am so angry for watching it. I am so angry my sister said that in front of him to scare him.  I am so angry that I am angry at her for it. MOOOOOAAAAANNNN..

MOOOOOAAAAANNNN..The bills are starting to come in for Noah's hospitalization and it is hitting me that I am going to end up owing the University of Iowa Hospital $1200.  His hospital bill alone is nearly $18,000 before the insurance pays anything.  I am so angry because I know his father will not reimburse me any and if I were to make payments then I would end up paying more out of my pocket where his father would owe me less that is if I ever get the money from him.  MOOOOOAAAAANNNN  I am so angry he is not a good father to the boys.  This money I was saving for Ethan's Spain trip and his Senior year.  MOOOOOAAAAANNNN  I am so angry about the bills.  I am so angry that Noah actually tried to hang himself.  I am so angry that he is still battling the restrictions the doctor's in the hospital put on him.  ENOUGH WITH THE ANGER KID!  START IMPLEMENTING THE PROGRAM TO BECOME HEALTHIER! MOOOOOAAAAANNNN   I am angry with myself for being angry at him.  I know depression can be an ugly beast of it's own.  I just wished he would have seen how much he is loved and we are there for him.  I wish he never acted on it.

Now it is time for more lighter moans...

When I see people like this I just want to MOOOOOAAAAANNNN out loud.
Really, do you think this is attractive?  You look like you just forgot to finish getting dressed.  I seriously want to go up and smack them in the head.  I bet I could do it and then be able to run away without them catching me.  Yes, this over weight, out of shape, getting close to 50 year old could out run them only because they probably would trip when they tried to run because of their pants hanging down.  MOOOOOAAAAANNNN  I am so grateful none of my kids are into this horrible fad.  One of my nephews are and I am always telling him to pull them up.  What is so funny, he does when I am around.  Ha ha ha.
Seriously, this is not any better.  MOOOOOAAAAANNNN  I personally do not care what type of underwear you are wearing.

Oh, and this seriously angers me.  MOOOOOAAAAANNNN
It is every where.  One can not go out to eat and NOT see this.  Seriously, what is wrong with the person who thinks their smart phone needs to be in their hands at all times and using it?  You are giving the impression that you are not enjoying the people you are with.  You are definitely not focusing on your date or time with them.  We have a rule at our house...NO PHONES at the table.  The children who live with us abide by it, the ones who have moved and do not.  It drives both Todd and I crazy.  It is so disrespectful.  We see them using it when it is opening presents or holiday celebrations too.  I doubt our children are any different than those we see in public who cannot even make it through a dinner without their phone making an appearance at the dinner table.  MOOOOOAAAAANNNN  This is so depressing.  Seriously we are losing the art of communicating with one another!!!!   MOOOOOAAAAANNNN..

Every time I see someone who has their hair over their eyes (Now, I am not talking about a little bit, I mean hanging over their eyes covering their face) I just want to take a pair of scissors and cut their hair.  MOOOOOAAAAANNNN
I am sorry, I know we all are entitled to wear our hear however we wish but you do not need to be Cousin It?  How can you see where you are going?  Noah has a friend who wears his hair like this.  His hair is past his shoulders.  I see him walking on the side walks and think, how in the hell can you see where you are going?  MOOOOOAAAAANNNN  Yep, I just cussed and do not do that often on my blog.  Why? Why do you need to cover your eyes?  Eyes are the windows to your soul.  They are beautiful.  Why do they think they should cover them up?  When Noah's friend is over, I cannot tell you how hard it is for me not to go to my drawer and pull out the scissors and cut his hair. This kid is depressed too and is one of his friends who also tried to kill himself.  Hey MOM!  You should be able to look at your kid in the face and see his eyes to see the state he is in.  Just saying!  *eyes rolling* MOOOOOAAAAANNNN

Sometime back, like January 8, 2014, I won this book in a give-away. 
MOOOOOAAAAANNNN.  I was looking forward to this book too and very excited.  I rarely win things and I just so happened to win two blogger give away that week.  MOOOOOAAAAANNNN  The book has still yet to come.  I have no plans on telling the person I have not received it yet.  It is too bad too.

Come back tomorrow and see what I am HAPPY about!

All pictures were found by doing Google Search


  1. Just remember one day at a time, sometimes one minute at a time. Hope you have a good day today!

  2. You have every right to moan! Don't feel bad about it. This is where you can get things off your chest, and we'll be here to listen and love you just the same. And as for your other moans... the sagging pants and the thong sticking out bug the heck out of me!


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