Monday, June 9, 2014

Mr. Potato Head Goody Bag and Mr. Potato Head Craft Station.

This was a simple and fun bag I made for the children at the party.  I free handed all the parts and then cut them out, however the next night when I was exhausted and Kera came up with the idea of having a Mr Potato Head craft station we found templates, this way I had help with cutting everything out.  I had spent nine hours sitting in my Kitchen decorating a cake and cupcakes, I really did not want to spend any more time sitting there and cutting out all the parts myself, so the template was a wonderful idea.   A better idea would have been if the kids created their own then one could combine the two items in one, but I had no idea she wanted this activity at the party.  Oh well, it worked out beautifully for the children.

Goody Bags

I purchased these brown bags at the Dollar Tree.  They are not large bags but are the perfect size for a birthday party goody bag and I loved the fact they had handles too.  Three bags for $1.
I used colored construction paper for the parts and then glued the parts onto the bag.  I used a simple glue stick and you can pick up three sticks for $1 at the Dollar Tree too.  When gluing these, you will want your bag flat.  Here was the finished products.  I just thought they were adorable. 
I used orange construction paper for Mr. Potato Head's nose, pink construction paper for Mrs. Potato Head's nose and their ears,  black construction paper for the eye brows, mustache, and hat, red construction paper for the mouth and Mr.s Potato Head's shoes, white construction paper for the eyes {I drew the pupils with black permanent marker}, arms, Mrs. Potato Head's hat and flower, and Mr. Potato Head's teeth {again black permanent marker to make the teeth part}, yellow construction paper for the earrings and center of the flower for Mrs. Potato Head's hat, and blue construction paper for Mr. Potato Head's feet.

Mr. Potato Head Craft Station

Supplies you will need:
  • Craft Sticks
  • Glue Sticks
  • Body parts- basically the same parts as above but you will also need a brown construction paper potato for the body.  
Here is the template we used after doing a Google Search for Mr Potato Head Parts:

Potato and Arms
Hats and Purse
Mouth, Shoes, Hat, and Glasses
Mustache, Noses, Ears, Mouths, Ears, and Earrings

The above templates were found on Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows.  It was a tutorial for a quiet book and I think I might just make one later this year for Taj.  It is so cute.

We glued the body onto the stick for the children as a starting point.  


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