Thursday, June 19, 2014

Our Trip To the Omaha Zoo!

As you know Todd, Taj, and I went to Omaha this past weekend to go to the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium.  I shared a lot of pictures I took of Taj and with Taj.  He really enjoyed going swimming at the hotel and loved running around in our room with the towel around him BUT it was the zoo that excited him the most.

Friday morning Kera dropped him off at our house on her way to work.  He was so excited he was jumping up and down with a huge smile from one ear to the other asking if we were going to the zoo.  We had plans to go Saturday and told him we will drive there but today we will just go swimming.  It is a four hour drive to reach that side of the state.  Once we were in Council Bluffs, Iowa we reached our destination, our home away from home for the night.  Taj was excited when he saw the pool.  He jumped in with Papa and we swam for a little bit.  He found a little girl who was maybe seven years old and he liked her.  He was way too cute trying to wink at her.
The next day we drove to the zoo.  It took less than 15 minutes to reach the zoo.


He was more than ready to get inside.  The first place we went to was the Lied Jungle.   The Lied Jungle is the largest indoor rain forest.  You get a feeling that you are in the rain forest, the humidity, the animals, the waterfalls.  There was so much beauty inside.
 Above:  Behind one of the waterfalls.
Below: Mama and her little baby.
 Above:  This monkey Taj told us looked like Santa Claus.
Below:  A large tortoise.
 Above: Hippo
Below:  Otter
 Below:  This little bird (about the size of a small house cat) came out from a bush.
He is very blue on the side. 
Taj was not ready and screamed so loud I think the other side of the zoo heard him.
Poor little guy cried so hard.

After the Lied Jungle we thought we were going to go the Butterfly exhibit . . .
but then we had second thoughts.  Taj is terrified of insects, so we thought for the safety of the butterflies and the people's ears we chose to skip it and head over to the Aquarium.
Oh we loved this!  The aquarium has a 70 foot shark tunnel, which has different types of sharks, large fish, sting rays, and sea turtles.  They circle around you and swim above your head while you stand or walk through the tunnel.  The aquarium also has penguins, coral reefs and very vibrant color fish and sea creatures. 
 Taj really enjoyed watching the penguins.
It was feeding time and there was such a frenzy.
Taj thought it was so neat and giggled and giggled.
 I love the vibrant colors.
Sharks swimming above our heads.
A big part of the walking portion was closed due to construction but we spent five hours at the zoo.  I cannot even think how much more walking and hours it would have taken if the entire zoo was open.  The African section was closed and Taj was not able to see zebras or elephants.  After the aquarium it was time for a little snack. 
 We then headed over to the area where the giraffes were and found the ostriches with them.
Next it was time for the sea lions.  They were showing off for all of us but there was something very special happening there too that day.
 One hour before we arrived Mama had her pup.  The picture below is of Mama and baby.
 We walked up a huge steep hill to see the rhinoceros.  This one wanted to cool off in the mud pool.
 We found a white rhinoceros.  They had three other types on the other side.
 Peacocks were walking around among the paths.  They scared poor Taj too.
They also had prairie dogs out too.  They had dens along the path way.  There was a family with a Mom and her little ones.  This one cracked me up.  He was standing guard next to this hole but he was so tired.  He ended up falling over.  He reminded me of a little one in a high chair trying to eat dinner but falling asleep and landing in the food on the tray.  He was so adorable.
 Below:  When Taj saw these guys he started to sing: "We like to Move It, Move It."
He definitely watches a lot of movies.
 Below:  I was standing inside one of those plastic bubbles and found this guy.
 It was nap time for the bears except for the poor Polar Bear.  He seemed to be very hot.
There was a little area they called "Fossil Dig Site", the area had fossils (plastic) with little plastic pellets covering them.  The children dig to find the fossils but not Taj he loved running to the other kids or diving into the pellets trying to bury himself.
 The tiger was Taj's favorite animal.  He named the tiger Diego (after the saber tooth tiger in the movie "Ice Age".  Another favorite is the Lion.  He named him Alex (after the lion in the movie "Madagascar")
 Once Taj saw him he thought he should talk to Alex and roar at him. 
 He did this at least three times.  I can hear him roaring in these pictures.
 We found some of Simba's friends.
 I found a Road Runner.
 It was a very long and hot day.  Little Taj missed his nap and after five hours of visiting animals he was ready to go home.
We left and drove 2 hours to Des Moines and spent the night at my Mom's place.  I found these statues on the bridge in Council Bluffs very interesting.
It was a great weekend get away for the three of us.  I hope we have more opportunities to be able to have a special weekend with our grandson.  He loved it just as much as we did.


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  1. These are incredible pictures! I have ex-in-laws in Omaha. How far are you from there? Back to the zoo - just incredible! When we go to the Houston Zoo, we don't see so many animals because they are all inside or sleeping because it's so hot here. I would love to see all of those animals, and you got some fabulous shots. Glad you included a picture of yourself, too!


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