Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday's Song plus Summer Friday Night Traditions

It's Summer Time!

I love Summer!  Time for the gardens!  Time for the fresh flowers!  Time for enjoying the outdoors even more!  The best part of Summer is Friday nights.  Yes, I love going downtown in the Summer Friday nights!  No more students!  The city is totally a different atmosphere when the college kids leave town and go home for the summer.  My Sunday Song is going to be more than just the song this week.  It is also going to be about Summer Friday Nights.  Enjoy!

I love the look of downtown Iowa City.
Even the billboard where people post events are adorable.
I love this wall painting.
One thing I love about Iowa City in the Summer is how the city has several up right pianos placed through out the city downtown.  People come up and play them.  I love hearing the talent people have.  

I did not get a close up but the park benches have been painted with designs.  My favorite looked like throw pillows were placed on it.
One end of the pedestrian mall near the public library is a very nice playground. I love the cork board under the playground.  
Outside the public library is a big check board.  You can check out the giant checker pieces or chess pieces at the library.  The boys have played both here.  It was so much fun watching them play with giants pieces.  Also outside the public library there is a children's garden.
Friday nights also means Friday Night Concerts. They feature local bands.  I love listening to the music. We typically make a little stop and listen a little while.  When they do not have concerts there is a fountains which the kids can run through to cool down.

Todd and I love walking around downtown area.  I think we ended up walking a total of 20 blocks when all was done. We ended up checking out a lot of the Herkey on Parade 2 statues.  I am trying to take pictures of all 83 of them. Here is some few sneaky peeks.  
 This one was vandalized.
I am so happy the artist was able to restore it! 
 Above is one of my favorites so far!
Once in awhile we will have dinner downtown too.  We like to try the different restaurants they have there.  This past Friday we tried Clinton Street Social Club.  I love the atmosphere they have.  
Since I had my camera with me to take pictures of Herkey on Parade 2 statues, I wanted to take some pictures of some of the campus including one of the buildings I love on the Pentacrest.  Todd took me walking nine years ago and I fell in love with these buildings back then we were only able to go out on Friday nights downtown three times because he worked third shift.  It has been nice the last three years to be able to enjoy every Friday night with him.
 This building is in the center of the Petnacrest.
It used to be the capital building for Iowa before Des Moines became the capital. (1846)

We ended our night with a trip to the yogurt shop.  I love this little shop.

Do you have a Summer Tradition?


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