Monday, June 9, 2014

The Claw

One of the games we had at Taj's party was The Claw.  Todd found it by a Google Search for Toy Story Themed Party Games. The blog site he found it was Let's Explore-Adventures In Playful Family Living.  It was rather simple set up.  We took a box and covered it with white paper for the base.  Then I picked up red poster board and drew a rocket (I recommend folding the paper in half when cutting your rocket, this way you have two the exact same shape and size.)  We used a plastic bin to put the prizes inside.  I used double sided tape and taped the back rocket to one end.  The front I used an utility knife and cut my square out.  I made sure the square would line up with the end of the clear box.  I then used yellow construction paper and taped it to the rocket and cut the center out with the utility knife as well to make the yellow border.  I used a metallic pen and wrote "The Claw" above the window and then taped the rocket to the other end of the clear box.

Now for the goodies.  We Google searched Alien from Toy Story and found this character...

I copied the image and then pasted it to a paint program then copied and pasted enough aliens to fill the 8x11 sheet of paper.  We then printed and cut the little guys out.  We taped him to Tootsie Pops, a few Tootsie Rolls, Plastic Planes, and Bracelets.  

We had a few extras so we used them as decoration placing them on the end where the window is and Todd thought it would be fun to add a couple to the rocket.

Our claw was tongs we picked up at the Dollar Tree.  I do not recommend this for toddlers.  The tongs are plastic and it took only one child, yes my darling Taj, to snap the tongs.  We then used my real tongs and should have from the start to finish playing the game.
The tongs will be the claw the children use to get the prize.  


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  1. Great idea! Lots of work, but I bet the kids enjoyed it.


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