Thursday, June 12, 2014

Throwback Thursday #14

This throwback goes several years.  The first two pictures goes back to 1948.

This first picture my Dad is only 4 months old.
Below it he is 9 months old.
I have no idea what year the next picture is but it is labeled as...
"Joey in his first car."
The next two pictures are from 1966.  I chose these in honor of Father's Day this coming weekend.
Although I am sure it will be a very difficult day for me since it is the first one without him
As well as being a little more than 2 months since he left us here on earth;
I could not help but post these.
A father looking into his first born child.
He was in a coma and a patient himself when I was born.
Here we are again.  I am 8 months old and my Dad was 19 years old.
My first Christmas and only two days before he became a father for the second time.
(I just think he is dreamy in this picture.)

I love you Dad with all of my heart
And miss you so much.
Happy Father's Day.


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