Monday, June 9, 2014

Toy Story Photo Booth

Alright, this idea was one I pinned on Pinterest.  Todd and I just simply loved it.  Kathy over at Meriment posted how she made her photo booth.  She made a cute little holder for the party booth props but I thought for three year old, it may not fair very well so we just placed the props in a sand bucket I picked up at the Dollar Tree and Taj will play with it later in our sandbox.

For my backdrop I just used a light blue table cloth (again picked up at the Dollar Tree)
I opened it up and taped it to the doors to the laundry room closet in our bedroom to work on it.  I just created white clouds on white paper and drew a few lines on it with blue coloring pencil.
I used double sided tape to adhere the clouds to the table cloth.  {UPDATED VERSION: Original plan was to have the party outdoors.  I would not use the double sided tape again because the wind would whip the little clouds off.  I guess if you were to use the tape, just use several strips instead of just one like I did in the center.  I think I would use some tacky glue instead but allow it to try and you would have to have the tablecloth lay flat until the glue has dried.}  Here is what it looked like when it was complete in our bedroom.  As you can see, you would want your backdrop to be on a more solid wall.  You can see through the table cloth.
 Now for the props.  Kathy had the props linked to her site.  It was as simple as clicking on the link and then printing.  We printed props on cardstock paper, Kathy recommended to used to cardstock to make them firm.  I would agree with only the larger pieces, such as Woody's hat, Jessie's hat, Buzz Lightyear's helmet  the other pieces one piece of cardstock paper works fine.  No reason to waste paper.  We printed the props and used double sided tape for the items we used two pieces of paper for and then taped the wooden sticks.  You can use wooden dowels but we already had wooden skewers (a lot of them) and we used the skewers instead.  We just cut of the pointed end for safety.  We also added the dome for Buzz Lightyear's helmet. The template only has the top of his suit.  We tried to make it a little more simplified for the three year old guest and taped Mr. Potato Head's eyes to the nose and mustache.  The template did not have Mr. Potato Head Eyes or Mrs. Potato Head's mouth.  We did a Google Search for Mr and Mrs Potato Head and enlarged the image we liked and printed the image.  We then cut the eyes or nose and mouth and pasted them to the other parts we already had from the template.  {I think Mr. Potato Head's eyes could have been a little larger personally.}  Now if the children were older, I would not tape them together, this way you can have fun and mix up parts of the characters for funny pictures. 

Here are Kathy's links to her free download templates. {Just click on the links}

She does have an Etsy shop where you can order editable Saying Bubbles.  
You can find it by clicking here.

We had a blast, more pictures will be posted with Taj's birthday party post.

Matthew and Joshua (my older two) 
Joshua and his girlfriend McKenzie

This was so much fun.  I am going to definitely do something like this for graduation parties from now on too.  What I did was took down the guess email address and then after cropping pictures I sent a copy to them as well.  The one of my boys I did not crop yet.   



  1. I love the idea behind photo boot and yours turned out amazing.
    Well done. And you're so right in bringing it from now on - it's such a fun idea and that way you know everyone will pass it for a hilarious pic.
    Have Fun!


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