Monday, June 9, 2014

Toy Story Table Centerpieces

The centerpieces had to work with the theme of the party and I wanted something simple.  I found this on Pinterest and it is what inspired the centerpieces.  
alice in wonderland centerpieces - Google Search
Supplies needed are:
  • Candle Stick Holders (I picked mine up at the Dollar Tree)
  • Little styrofoam balls (Dollar Tree, they have a bag with assorted styrofoam balls.)
  • Paper straws (Hobby Lobby)
  • Colored Tissue Paper.  I used purple, green, red, and blue.
  • Yellow ribbon
  • Toy Story Characters printed.  I Google Searched Toy Story Characters Image and found what I needed.  
  • Tape

Due to time factor, I did not even wash or remove the stickers on my candlesticks, no need to at this time.  I will definitely use them for other DIY projects in the near future.  I placed the styrofoam ball as such where the candle would be placed as such.

Then take one piece of two different colors.  I used red and blue and the other color combination was green and purple.  Lay one square at an angle making a diamond, then place the other on top making a square.  You will want to try to leave the same amount of the corners showing from your diamond, in other words try to center your second piece as much as possible.
Next you will place the candlestick holder in the center.
Then gather all the sheets towards the center and tie above the candlestick holder with the yellow ribbon as pictured below.  You could make some curlies if you wish by running the edge of the scissors on the yellow ribbon string.  It was late and I wanted to go to bed, so I skipped the curly ribbon.  This is the base of your centerpiece.

Now it is time for the characters.  You need to have a mirror image of your character.  I used FotoFlexer photo shop to flip my image.  This way you can have your centerpiece seen on both sides of the table. After you have your characters cut out, tape the straw to the back side of one image.  I used the double sided tape this made it convenient. 
You will need to place a couple of piece of tape to secure the straw to the image.
Then press the other image aligned with the image facing down.  Once both images are secure to one another, you are ready to insert the stick figure to the base.
You will need to carefully pull the tissue back to find the center and the styrofoam ball. 
Poke the end of your straw into the styrofoam as such and then fluff the tissue ends back up.

Voila...there you have it.  One easy peasy, kid pleasing centerpiece.

Here is a look of all the centerpieces I made for the party.  I wanted a big centerpiece for the food table.  This one was the one with just about all the characters.  (The first picture of this post.)


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  1. Love these centerpiece ideas! How easy but creative, I'm sure the kids loved it! Pinned this, thanks for sharing it. :)


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