Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Happy List~ Holiday, Gardens, and Flowers

Welcome back!  I hope all of my American friends had a wonderful 4th of July.  My 4th of July was a good one.  We had planned and thought more family members would make it to the cook out but something came up.  About a week before, Todd's Mom texted to say she would not be making it.  The day before we found out that Emily was working a double shift.  No clue what happened to Todd's sister and her family.  We thought Kera would stop by after work prior to the fireworks but it never happened.  We did have my Mom, Matthew and Hannah, Joshua and McKenzie, Noah, and Taj.  Poor Ethan had to work. 
We had a good time.  Enjoying time as a family makes me HAPPY!  No issues with Noah at all for a few days.  Our meal was the typical hamburgers and hot dogs plus one vegetarian burger (McKenzie is a vegetarian) , slinky dog pasta click here for the recipe, minus the hot dogs (Hannah is Jewish), pasta salad, baked beans, veggies, fruit, and a pasta salad.  Dessert we had cupcakes and two ingredient cake click here for the recipe (not pictured).  The cake was good for our diabetics (Todd, Hannah, and me.)
The kids played a card game. Ethan was able to join in with the fun prior to going to work.  After dinner we went to Coralville's fireworks.  They had a great show and the finale was awesome.
It is so cold in our main living room.
On the 5th Iowa City had their fireworks.  I was completely wiped out but Noah and Ethan went.  I typically love Iowa City's fireworks because of the Pentecrest in the foreground of the show.

 Pictures were taken by a friend's husband.
Photo: Happy 238th birthday #America. Proudly serving the state of Iowa, and our country, for 167 years. #Hawkeyes

July 3rd, My Mom, Todd, Noah, and I went to see Jefferson Starship in Coralville at their 4thfest.  The concert was free and that makes me very HAPPY to enjoy a good concert with my family.
 He caught me taking his picture.
Mom thought she could get out of the photo range.
Silly lady.

Our garden is growing and growing HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.
 Look how large our spaghetti squash is. (below)
Above: Community Garden Plot
Below: Backyard Garden
 Look at all the snow peas!
Just the beginning.
 Something is eating our our cabbage...this does not make me HAPPY.
 Cherry Tomatoes are starting to turn red.  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY

However, I am concerned with our tomato plants
Too much rain, it is making them sickly.
 First year for Lima Beans.  Now I have to find some recipes.
 Very big Kohlrabi.
 First year of success for cauliflower.
 We were curious how large our carrots are.
 Celery is doing great.  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY
 First year for yellow beans.
They are coming in earlier than our green beans.
 Our new recycled gate.  
Now I can get into our garden and help.
New flower blooms make me HAPPY too!

What are you HAPPY about this week?



  1. First of all, those cupcakes look mighty delicious. And the location of your fireworks was so pretty. Your garden is awesome, you will be eating really healthy! And the flowers are so pretty. You have so much happy this week!! That's great that Noah is doing well.

  2. Flowers and vegetables look great! We just don't get enough good weather here to grow all those tasty treats. Fourth of July looks like fun, too!


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