Thursday, July 17, 2014

Happy List ~ Starry Night Style

I went to the Brush and Barrel again.  I was really looking forward to this class and planned on adding a little more to my painting because if it turned out well I plan on giving it as a gift to one of my boys.  I have two who are huge fans of Dr. Who
I am very HAPPY with the way it turned out.  I need to work a little more on the Tardis but here is my painting after 2 1/2 hours of working on it.

Both boys love it and I think I know which one is getting it but I am not positive.  I plan on picking up a frame for it too.  I honestly had self doubt about being able to pull this one off but I am so HAPPY with it.  

I am also HAPPY how my hunt and pictures of  Herky on Parade 2 is turning out.  I believe I should have all of them but one by the end of this month.  I am a little worried about not getting one.  It was pushed over and it was sent to be repaired.  It was supposed to only take a week but it has not been returned yet and it has been over a month and a half, however the home of this statue is flooded so that may be the delay.  I am going to have to call to see if they have it available for me to take a picture of.  I honestly thought I would only get 82 of the 83 because I did not plan on driving to the airport in Cedar Rapids to take a picture of a statue BUT now Todd and I will be driving there to pick up a vehicle we are renting to take to Chicago, double HAPPY statue and trip to Chicago for our anniversary!

What are you HAPPY about this week? 



  1. This may be a 2nd comment...

    I LOVE this painting. Your boys should be fighting over it 'cause it's super cool. I love Van Gogh, and I love Dr. Who, so this is a brilliant combination of the two. In fact, if you turned this into a lithograph or print, you could sell it. I'd buy a print of it.

    You should be proud of your hard work and your talent. It's a FABULOUS painting.

  2. Oh my gosh! That's awesome Jolene! As a Doctor Who and Vincent Van Gogh lover, you did great! It's gorgeous!

  3. Oh Jolene, you are an artist, I love your painting and the colors are my very fave lately! Beautiful!!!

  4. The painting looks awesome! You did a great job!

  5. Your painting is fabulous, Jolene! I imagine the boys will fight over it! Maybe you could paint another just like it. I had to look up the Herky thing - how funny! You will have a wonderful time in Chicago, one of my favorite places!


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